Expert predictions point to imminent Bitcoin ETF move by Charles Schwab


  • Charles Schwab adopts a cautious strategy in the cryptocurrency ETF market, offering shares in approved Bitcoin ETFs but not launching its own.
  • Industry experts predict Schwab could enter the market with competitive low fees, following its strategic delay and investment in crypto exchanges.
  • Schwab diversifies its crypto involvement through an ETF investing in crypto-related companies, showing significant growth since its launch.

Charles Schwab, a dominant player in the asset management sector, has maintained a distinct strategy. Unlike its peers, Fidelity, BlackRock, and Vanguard, who have aggressively pursued the creation of spot Bitcoin ETFs, Schwab has adopted a more measured approach. This strategy has kept Schwab at a unique juncture, offering its customers access to existing Bitcoin ETFs while refraining from launching its proprietary product in the crypto space.

Market positioning and predicted movements

Schwab’s decision to offer shares in all approved spot Bitcoin ETFs without having its offering in the market positions the firm uniquely. Industry experts believe this is a strategic move, allowing Schwab to observe market dynamics and possibly enter the market with a competitive edge.

According to Bloomberg’s senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, Schwab’s loyal customer base and cost-effective products give it the luxury of time to plan its entry. Balchunas predicts that Schwab might surprise the market with significantly lower fees than its competitors, potentially launching an offering with fees as low as 10 basis points.

Nate Geraci, an industry expert, suggests that Schwab’s entry into the crypto ETF market could be imminent. Schwab’s current market moves indicate a shift from its initial skepticism toward cryptocurrencies.

The firm has shown increasing interest in the crypto arena, evident from its investment in the EDX Markets exchange, which became operational in June 2023. This involvement marks a change in Schwab’s stance towards digital currencies, aligning it closer to the likes of Fidelity and Citadel.

Diversified crypto-related investments

While Schwab has not directly held digital assets, it has been actively involved in the crypto-related investment sphere. The firm offers an ETF that invests in companies engaged in cryptocurrency-related activities. This ETF includes holdings in major players like Coinbase, Microstrategy, and Riot Platforms. Since its launch in August 2022, this fund has seen a noteworthy increase of 19% in value. This performance underscores Schwab’s strategic approach to engaging with the cryptocurrency market through diversified investment avenues.

Overall, Charles Schwab’s approach to cryptocurrency ETFs reflects a balanced and strategic methodology. By providing access to existing Bitcoin ETFs and investing in crypto-related businesses, Schwab is positioning itself advantageously in the digital asset market. As the industry anticipates Schwab’s potential proprietary ETF offering, the firm’s calculated approach could redefine competitive dynamics in the cryptocurrency investment sector.

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