Expert believes ETH is good for nothing except experimenting

Ethereum and the fork Ethereum classic are not really at war so to speak, but industry experts prefer one or another for various reasons. Business and Financial expert Donald McIntyre believes that Ethereum (ETH) holds no real value in the blockchain world besides being an experimenting test ground.

McIntyre has worked with the ETCDEV, a tech firm dedicated to Ethereum Classic (ETC) development and his statement does not come as a surprise. However, his narrative is backed by clear logic rather than personal preference. McIntyre has also served as the vice president (VP) at the Morgan Stanley as well as the renown UBS.

He strongly believes that the ETC blockchain network is far superior to the ETH because it has the functionality that is viable for long term growth and success. The two networks would soon be independent of each other after ETH upgrades to ETH 2.0.

He furthers that this can turn into ETC’s favor since the move by ETH would cut off ETC dependency on the ETH network. On the one hand, this upgrade would make ETC the only “Proof of Work (PoW) and Turing complete network.” On the other hand, the ETC network would also need to add a development team that is independent of the current development network to have a fresh eye in order to leverage the growth opportunities.

McIntyre further explains that the ETC network has all the characteristics for growth such as a secure mechanism for consensus, and a limited supply of ETC tokens, thus making it a perfect candidate for growth in the internet of things (IoT), smart contracts, decentralized programming, and robotics related development projects.