Experience Canine Cuisine Innovation: AI Dog Food Vending Hits Finland

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  • Canine taste testing reduces food waste significantly.
  • AI facial recognition ensures food is dispensed to dogs.
  • UV light disinfection maintains impeccable hygiene standards.

In a pioneering move that melds advanced technology with the world of pet care, Hau-Hau Champion, a leading Finnish dog food brand, has unveiled the world’s first AI-powered dog food vending machine. 

This innovative creation aims to cater to the diverse tastes of Finland’s 800,000-strong dog population, offering them a chance to sample their meals before purchase.

Innovative partnership spurs dog food vending machine

Styled as a charming doghouse, this vending machine integrates AI-powered facial recognition and blue light disinfection technology to ensure a hygienic and delightful-tasting experience for our furry friends. 

Through the use of AI-based video recognition software, the machine detects approaching dogs, dispenses kibbles accordingly, and then swiftly cleans the bowl with UV light once the dog walks away, preparing for the next visitor. 

This seamless process not only guarantees cleanliness but also minimizes food waste by providing dogs with a chance to taste their food beforehand, reducing the likelihood of rejection.

The concept of this groundbreaking vending machine was conceived by TBWA\Helsinki and realized as a working prototype by their brand experience and innovation arm, TBWA\NEXT. Timo Pärssinen, CEO of Prima Pet Premium Oy, the parent company of Hau-Hau Champion, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize pet care practices: “Wherever the vending machine is used, it seems to be a very welcome and pleasant surprise for both dogs and owners. 

But most of all, we hope that giving dogs a chance to taste food beforehand will help decrease food waste in the future.”

Ensuring safety and hygiene

Juhana Hokkanen, Head of Experiential Creative at TBWA\Helsinki, underscored the machine’s safety features, stating: “Facial recognition using artificial intelligence ensures that the vending machine dispenses kibbles only to dogs, not, for example, to cats or children playing near the machine.” He further elaborated on the efficacy of the UV disinfection process, highlighting its ability to maintain constant air and surface purity, thereby enhancing overall hygiene standards.

Representing VAFO Group, Europe’s premium pet food producer and owner of Hau-Hau Champion, Pärssinen views the vending machine as an innovative pilot project with potential for broader application: “

The well-being of dogs comes first for us. And it means both state-of-the-art hygienic practices as well as top-of-the-line food, which is safe and tasty for dogs. We have created a fascinating pilot project, and we hope that in the future we’ll see the vending machine in use not only in Finland but also in other parts of Europe.”

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