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You can now exchange reward points for cryptocurrencies with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange service and wallet provider Coincheck’s ingenious concept of survey service.

In a press release today, Coincheck made an announcement that following a strategic partnership with a Japanese marketing research firm, Macromill Group, the cryptocurrency exchange platform has introduced a new survey service that will enable users to trade their reward points with digital assets.

Coincheck, a Monex Group entity, further added that these reward points, known as Macromill points, can be earned by participating in various user-based surveys offered by the exchange time and again.

The initiative will not only help the exchange enhance customer experience by encouraging maximum participation in reviews but also propel cryptocurrency adoption to a large extent as many first-time investors get to try their hands at trading.

Beginning Sep 10, Macromill points can be interchanged with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Cryptocurrency reward programs gaining traction in Japan

Per the announcement, the association with an established marketing research firm such as Macromill Group will effectuate an increase in cryptocurrency investments. The Macromill Monitors, who will take part in the Coincheck survey and eventually trade their earned rewards with cryptocurrencies. More survey participation will mean more rewards and eventually more cryptocurrencies to invest.

The announcement also mentions the exchange rate, which is set at one yen for one point. Besides trading for digital assets, participants can also choose to exchange rewards for vouchers or gift cards.

Meanwhile, other exchange services have also extended similar services with reward points before such as the Japanese exchange bitFlyer and its technology partner Tpoint Japan in Aug.

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Manasee Joshi

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