UEFA, AlphaWallet launch Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket purchase system

UEFA AlphaWallet launch Euro Ethereum ticket purchase system

Football fans can rejoice as Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket purchase system becomes a reality. The recent collaboration between AlphaWallet, FIFA and UEFA will bring football and cryptocurrency together. With a goal to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream finance, fans can now experience Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket purchases and pay in ETH from their crypto wallets.

AlphaWallet delivers tokenization solutions and also provides ICO services to companies. AlphaWallet lets users enjoy the advantages of DAOs, smart contracts and DeFi technologies, all powered with the ETH network. So, this Euro 2020, both crypto and football fans are going to have a blast!

Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket purchase mechanism to boost mass adoption

AW and UEFA have used the Ethereum integration solution that has more than twenty thousand (20K) ETH tokens to support Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket sales. Chief Executive Officer of AlphaWallet, Victor Zheng, said that if just fifty per cent of the digital ticket sales are sold through the blockchain ETH tokens, this figure will surpass the current users of blockchain worldwide. Even a few percentages will represent a huge number of people adopting blockchain for retail payments.

He goes on to add that retail tokenisation has just begun. He is excited to see mass adoption, bringing in huge gains for the blockchain players. Also, Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket process will reign in the ticket authenticity concerns that always surround the football matches. The transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of ticket sales can be increased manifold using the blockchain technology. The entire tickets sales process, from selling to tracking and storage, is backed by a fool-proof smart contracts feature.

Automation of Euro 2020 Ethereum ticket sales ensures that the fake ticket market will be controlled better. Tickets can be verified using Ethereum address. Also, any resale can be initiated right on the Ethereum network just like any other crypto transaction. FIFA is also working on expanding this system of blockchain-powered ticket sales. They aim to make a system that follows the ERC-875 standard for ticket sales.

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Gurpreet Thind

Gurpreet Thind

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