Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Encourages Youth to Harness AI Potential


  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urges Ethiopian youth to embrace AI for the nation’s growth and development.
  • The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute’s AI training programs equip young minds with valuable skills.
  • AI holds the key to Ethiopia’s future, with the youth poised to drive innovation and progress in various sectors.

In a bid to lay the foundation for a better Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called upon the country’s present generation to unlock their capacities and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies. The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute recently celebrated the graduation of high school students who completed the Second AI Summer Camp programs, which covered topics such as Python programming, machine learning, robotics, AI basics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Embracing AI for Ethiopia’s future

During the graduation ceremony, Prime Minister Abiy emphasized the crucial role that the current generation plays in shaping Ethiopia’s future. He urged the youth to move away from distorted rhetoric and instead focus on transforming their country towards prosperity and holistic development. Abiy highlighted the versatility of AI, emphasizing its applicability across various sectors and industries.

“In order to build Ethiopia’s future on a solid foundation, the youth should harness AI for constructive purposes,” he stated, advising young Ethiopians to prioritize education and engage in activities that contribute to their career development. Abiy stressed the importance of instilling good discipline in the present generation and nurturing them to become productive citizens who can contribute to the country’s progress.

Empowering the youth with AI skills

Abiy commended the youth for their timely participation in AI training and their promising achievements. He expressed confidence in the capabilities of young Ethiopians to bring about transformative change in the nation. According to the Prime Minister, the youth hold the key to acquiring essential problem-solving knowledge that will shape Ethiopia’s future.

“I am surprised by the capabilities of the children who attended the second annual AI summer camp. I have full confidence that the youth have the capability to transform Ethiopia,” Abiy noted. 

AI’s role in Ethiopia’s development

Highlighting the accomplishments of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Abiy underlined the institute’s efforts in developing various supportive applications and undertaking promising projects. He emphasized that AI’s penetration into various sectors would foster overall development in Ethiopia.

Fostering a technological revolution

The Prime Minister’s call to empower the youth with AI skills reflects Ethiopia’s ambition to harness the potential of emerging technologies for national growth. As the world increasingly embraces AI and related fields, the country aims to position itself as a player in the global technological landscape.

As the Ethiopian youth continue to acquire AI skills and knowledge, they are expected to play a pivotal role in driving innovation, solving complex challenges, and contributing to the nation’s advancement in various sectors. The Prime Minister’s encouragement and support for AI education mark a significant step towards realizing Ethiopia’s technological potential and building a prosperous future.

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