Ethiopia Emerges as a New Hub for Bitcoin Mining


  • Ethiopia is becoming a significant hub for Bitcoin mining.
  • The Cardano project is advancing blockchain adoption in Africa.
  • China’s 2021 crypto ban led to a mining exodus.

Ethiopia is fast becoming a pivotal player, potentially rivaling the electricity production capabilities of Texas. With an influx of Bitcoin mining companies, primarily Chinese, this East African nation is poised to make a substantial impact in the global crypto mining sector. This development comes at a time when the Cardano blockchain technology is also making inroads in Africa, further highlighting the continent’s growing relevance in the digital currency space.

Recent reports indicate that Ethiopia is now home to 21 Bitcoin mining companies, a remarkable increase attributed to the country’s welcoming regulatory environment and ample electricity generation capacity. Notably, 19 of these companies are Chinese-owned, accounting for an overwhelming 90.4% of the crypto mining operations in the country. This surge in Chinese mining activities in Ethiopia has been dubbed a “home for Chinese miners” by some media outlets, reflecting the country’s strategic position as a new center for cryptocurrency mining operations.

Ethiopia vs. Texas: A Battle for Electricity Supremacy

According to industry giant Bitmain, Ethiopia’s burgeoning electricity generation capabilities for Bitcoin mining are set to create stiff competition for Texas, traditionally a stronghold for such activities in the United States. This forecast underscores the potential shift in the global energy dynamics of crypto mining, with African nations emerging as formidable contenders.

In parallel with the mining developments, the Cardano (ADA) project, a prominent competitor to Ethereum, is deepening its engagement in Africa. The project aims to foster the adoption of its blockchain technology at a commercial level across the continent. In early 2023, John O’Connor, the Director of African Operations at Cardano’s development firm Input Output Global (IOHK), announced the completion of their first pilot in Ethiopia, focusing on decentralized identities and digital credentials in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The Chinese Crypto Exodus

The backdrop to this shift is China’s 2021 crackdown on cryptocurrency-related activities, which prompted a mass exodus of mining companies from the country. While many initially relocated to Kazakhstan, issues with the electricity supply there led miners to seek more stable and welcoming jurisdictions like Ethiopia and Texas. Ethiopia’s rise as a crypto mining hub is a direct consequence of these global shifts, offering a new chapter in the country’s economic and technological development.

Ethiopia’s emergence as a key player in Bitcoin mining, predominantly through Chinese enterprises, represents a notable evolution in the global cryptocurrency landscape. With the potential to challenge Texas’s dominance in electricity production for mining and the parallel expansion of blockchain technologies like Cardano, Ethiopia is at the forefront of a significant shift in the digital currency and blockchain sectors. This development not only highlights the dynamic nature of the crypto industry but also underscores Africa’s growing importance in the global tech ecosystem.

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