Navigating the Ethical Terrain of AI in Event Organizing: Insights from a Recent Survey


  • A survey finds that 63% of association buyers are concerned about ethics in AI for event organizing.
  • Calls for government regulation of AI in events, but doubts about government knowledge.
  • Trustworthiness of AI data providers questioned; demand for global AI usage standards

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly pervasive in various industries, revolutionizing the way tasks are performed and data is processed. In the realm of event organizing, AI holds the potential to streamline processes, enhance attendee experiences, and optimize logistics. However, a recent survey conducted by The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau and Ottawa Tourism reveals that a significant portion of global association buyers are deeply concerned about the ethical implications of using AI in event planning.

The concerns surrounding AI ethics

The survey discovered that 63% of global association buyers express varying degrees of concern regarding the ethical implications of incorporating AI in event organizing. This sentiment underscores the growing awareness within the industry about the need to balance technological advancements with ethical considerations. The integration of AI can offer numerous advantages, but it also raises questions about data privacy, fairness, and accountability.

Desire for government regulation

Interestingly, an equal percentage (63%) of association respondents believe that governments should play a role in legislating the use of AI in event organizing. This suggests a desire for a regulatory framework that can establish ethical guidelines and ensure responsible AI usage. However, there is a stark contrast in these findings, as 65% of respondents doubt that governments possess the necessary knowledge to effectively legislate AI in this context. This raises the important issue of how to strike a balance between regulation and technological innovation.

Data trustworthiness and provider reliability

One of the primary concerns among survey participants is the handling of data by technology companies through AI. A notable 33% of respondents find AI technology providers to be untrustworthy, with 20% considering them “not very trustworthy” and an additional 13% regarding them as “not at all trustworthy.” In contrast, only 27% expressed “mostly” trusting these data providers. This mistrust highlights the urgent need for transparency and accountability in data management within the AI industry.

The call for an international standard

To address the ethical concerns surrounding AI in event organizing, 52% of respondents are in favor of establishing an International Standard (ISO) that covers the usage of AI in events. This demonstrates a clear demand for a globally recognized framework that can guide the responsible implementation of AI technologies. Another 29% expressed a possibility with a “maybe,” while only 7% outright rejected the idea of such a standard. The support for an ISO reflects the industry’s recognition of the need for ethical best practices.

Corporate event organizers’ perspective

While the survey primarily focused on global association buyers, it also included insights from corporate event organizers. Interestingly, 50% of corporate respondents expressed slight concern about the ethical implications of using AI in event organizing. Additionally, 71% of corporate event organizers believe that governments should legislate AI use in this context, mirroring the sentiments of the association respondents. However, a similar proportion (71%) doubts that governments possess the requisite knowledge to effectively regulate AI.

The survey conducted by The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau and Ottawa Tourism sheds light on the ethical considerations that surround the integration of AI in event organizing. The findings indicate a genuine concern within the industry about data privacy, accountability, and the need for regulatory measures. While AI offers immense potential to improve event experiences and efficiency, stakeholders recognize the importance of ethical guidelines to ensure responsible AI usage.

Moving forward, it is essential for the event industry to engage in thoughtful discussions and collaborations to establish a framework that addresses these ethical concerns. This framework should strike a balance between innovation and responsible AI development, promoting transparency, trustworthiness, and data privacy. As AI continues to shape the future of event organizing, finding ethical solutions becomes paramount to creating experiences that are both technologically advanced and ethically sound.

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