Ethical hackers launch initiative to tackle crypto theft


  • Security Alliance, a new nonprofit, has been launched to support ethical hackers in recovering stolen funds led by blockchain security expert Samczsun.
  • The organization introduced the Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement, offering legal protection for white hats, alongside a security hotline and war games for developers.
  • With over $1 million raised from donors, including the Ethereum Foundation and Vitalik Buterin, Security Alliance aims to enhance blockchain security and mitigate losses from hacks and scams.

A nonprofit organization named Security Alliance has been established in the United States, aiming to bolster support for ethical hackers engaged in the recovery of stolen funds. Launched on February 14, Security Alliance brings together a formidable team of blockchain security experts led by Samczsun, renowned for their role as head of security at the crypto venture capital firm Paradigm.

Innovating security measures in the crypto space

Security Alliance’s introduction to the crypto world marks a significant milestone in addressing the persistent challenges of security breaches and fund thefts that have plagued the industry. The organization has rolled out three cornerstone projects designed to fortify the ecosystem’s defenses. A pivotal innovation is the Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement, which provides legal protection and incentives for “white hat” hackers to intervene and rescue funds during active exploits. This agreement assures that, provided the actions are lawful, competent, and in good faith, the protocol and its members will not pursue legal actions against the hackers. This initiative reflects a proactive step towards creating a safer environment for ethical hacking within the blockchain community.

The nonprofit also offers a security hotline for immediate assistance and a war games component to effectively equip developers with the skills to mitigate security risks. The inspiration behind the Security Alliance’s formation was the Nomad hack in August 2022, highlighting the dire need for a legal framework to support white hat hackers in their efforts to secure the blockchain ecosystem.

Strengthening the community through collaboration

The crypto community’s response to Security Alliance’s launch has been overwhelmingly positive, with the organization already boasting over 50 donors and partners, including prominent names like the Ethereum Foundation, Vitalik Buterin, a16zcrypto, Paradigm, Electric Capital, and Coinbase. A noteworthy contribution came from Buterin, who donated $500,000, underscoring the community’s commitment to enhancing security measures. According to a Bloomberg report, Security Alliance has raised over $1 million, showcasing the significant financial backing and trust the initiative has garnered.

This collaborative effort arrives at a critical time as the crypto industry continues to battle the challenges posed by hacks and scams, with an estimated $2.61 billion lost in 2023 alone. Despite the evolving threat landscape, establishing the Security Alliance represents a beacon of hope for improving security protocols and safeguarding assets within the blockchain sector.

The creation of the Security Alliance is a testament to the cryptocurrency community’s resilience and its relentless pursuit of security and transparency. By providing a legal and supportive framework for white hat hackers, the organization not only aims to recover stolen funds but also to prevent future exploits, ensuring the long-term integrity and trustworthiness of the blockchain ecosystem.

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