Ethereum’s Buterin challenges assumptions on L1-L2 dynamics


  • Buterin doubts L1-L2 trade-off, citing bug uncertainties.
  • Ethereum creator promotes advanced L1 features for simpler L2.
  • Verkle trees in Ethereum promise disk space efficiency.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has voiced his reservations regarding the prioritization of simplifying Layer 1 (L1) blockchain networks at the expense of Layer 2 (L2) solutions. Buterin’s remarks come amid ongoing discussions within the blockchain community about the optimal approach to scaling and enhancing blockchain networks.

Buterin’s shift in confidence

Buterin highlighted a significant shift in his perspective, indicating that he is now three times less confident in the idea of simplifying L1s to facilitate more complex L2s compared to five years ago. 

He emphasized the inherent challenge in comparing the risks associated with bugs in L1 versus L2 networks, suggesting that it is not unequivocally clear that L2 solutions are superior.

Balancing bug risks

The Ethereum creator underscored the potential consequences of bugs in L2 networks, noting that they could result in permanent loss of funds for users. In contrast, he portrayed the resilience of L1 networks in the face of consensus failures, wherein core developers can swiftly address issues and restore normalcy. 

This juxtaposition led Buterin to advocate for considering sophisticated L1 features to alleviate the burden on L2s and enable their simplicity.

Dialogue on scaling solutions

The conversation ensued from a remark by Bitcoin enthusiast Leo Fernevak, who asserted that scaling efforts should primarily focus on L2 solutions rather than L1. Fernevak argued that complex functionalities could be implemented atop L2 networks, irrespective of the scaling endeavors pursued at the base layer. 

Brian Trollz, a technical editor at Bitcoin Magazine, contributed to the discourse by emphasizing the dependency of L2 solutions on the capabilities of L1 networks.

Integration of Verkle trees

Amidst the discussion on scaling solutions, Buterin’s enthusiasm for the integration of Verkle trees in the Ethereum network emerged. Verkle trees, heralded for their potential to optimize disk space utilization for nodes and deliver substantial staking benefits, represent a promising avenue for enhancing Ethereum’s infrastructure.

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