Ethereum price out performs Bitcoin price movement

The fall season in September brought a lot of falling and Ethereum price was no exception. But if you are looking for crypto among all the cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin, but Ethereum was the only cryptocurrency that sustained this rough period, although not entirely but better than the rest.

The market value of leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is getting back on track after over sixteen percent (16%) of the monthly loss, which is highest since last November.

Per CoinMarketCap, BTC is trading at around eight thousand and seventy dollars ($8070) and reaching a three and a half month low of seven thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight dollars ($7838) today.

Whereas, cryptocurrencies total market capitalization presently has shed about a little over thirteen percent (13.7) on the basis of month-to-date, standing at two hundred and fifteen billion dollars ($215) at the time of writing.

However, Ethereum price is presently reporting a gain of 0.3 percent, monthly. At press time, Ethereum price is standing at one hundred and seventy-four dollars ($174).

Ethereum price among Top-10

Interestingly where the king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin going sideways, the queen Ethereum is currently the best performing top ten cryptocurrencies of the month of September,

The worst performing crypto this month is Bitcoin SV (BSV), with almost thirty-five percent monthly drop. BSV reached a six-month low of seventy-five dollars ($75) in the past week and currently it is trading at around eighty-four dollars ($84).

Reportedly, six cryptocurrencies out of ten have experienced a double-digit decline, monthly.

Lastly, in the past week, Ethereum price also dropped about twenty percent (20%) and registered its largest weekly loss in two months. However, the cryptocurrency managed to gain marginal gains, at the time of writing.