Ethereum blogging platform, Mirror, opens its doors

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  • Mirror blogging platform open to all creators
  • The goal is to make the platform better for people to share their stories and projects.

Mirror, a blogging platform based on Ethereum is now open for use by all creators. Previously, creators had to amass votes in Mirror’s weekly contest popularly called the WRITER Race to be considered. Existing participants were allowed only two hours to choose the contestants who get the WRITE tokens. Each winner would then be awarded a WRITE token in a process called airdropping. The winners got the option of redeeming their WRITE tokens for slots in Mirror’s blog, XYZ. Interestingly, it took Dan Roberts, the current editor-in-chief more than four months to qualify for hosting on the blog. 

While the Mirror is similar to Medium in many ways, Mirror has increased usability thanks to its crypto-native features. Mirror allows users to log in and sign their posts using Ethereum wallets. The platform utilizes Arweave protocol for storing data, evading censorship issues, and as a backup.

Mirror’s beneficiaries

Over time, Mirror has adopted crypto-centric features to allow monetization, launching crowdfunding drives, and allowing the use of NFT collectibles. In April, Emily Segal used the Mirror platform to fund her next novel. She was quoted saying that the first time she heard of cryptocurrency was in 2017 and wasn’t impressed. Her attitude however changed with the emergence of NFTs which have recently become so popular. Emily became more excited after learning the different things people were doing using cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

In July $1.9 million worth of Eth was raised by creators of an Ethereum film via a crowdfunding drive on Mirror.

Projects based on Ethereum have increasingly continued to use Mirror for sharing community updates. The tool has particularly been liked by Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). DAO groups or communities are mainly found on discord and Mirror provides these communities with a decentralized way for sharing long-form content. 

Writers will no longer need to go through WRITE Race to be published on Mirror. However, Mirror is looking for a way to reward users who went through the WRITE Race program and are still active on the platform.

Mirror’s new features

Mirror has also shared new features to be introduced to the platform in the near future. The new features include blog feeds, an improved editing platform, Ethereum Name Service support, annual subscriptions, and discovery features.

Towards the end of last year, Mirror launched a decentralized tool for writers and publishers which was its first product. They’ve also launched different products such as crowdfunding, editions of NFTs, splits, governance tools, and auctions. Mirror has gradually weathered the hostile market to grow into a household brand. It is no longer just a publishing tool for writers but also a full-stack suite for groups, communities, and DAOs. The company states that its goal is to make the platform better for people to share their stories and projects.

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