Escape From Tarkov Update Tests Flea Market Changes

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  • The experimental update of Escape From Tarkov removes Flea Market restrictions; new player strategies and market dynamics arise.
  • Flea Market tests out gameplay modifications with each new update in Escape From Tarkov, while trying to gather players’ responses and ideas.
  • The most recent Escape From Tarkov update makes a lot of balance changes, the most important being the market accessibility and the gameplay improvements.

Battlestate Games are making a large experimental patch for Escape From Tarkov to showcase changes in the Flea Market and other important features of the game. This update seeks to assess the players’ reactions and possible game changes before the next planned wipe.

Flea market rules reversed

In a surprising turn of events the latest balance patch eliminates the Found in Raid condition for listing items on the Flea Market in Escape From Tarkov, whether they are from PvP or PvE modes. The implementation of this alteration implies that players can sell items acquired from others straight. Consequently, PvP battles tend to be more profitable since they offer high profits. According to Nikita Buyanov, the COO of Battlestate Games, it is just a ‘test event’ and it can be re-rolled if players don’t like it.

The dynamics of player interactions within Escape From Tarkov are likely to change with the removal of the Found in Raid restriction. Players can now directly earn from looting fallen foes and this encourages more aggressive play in combat and combat strategies. Nevertheless, skepticism has arisen over the possible revival of market manipulation through resellers, who may reemerge to exploit the situation and profit from fluctuations of prices.

Escape From Tarkov additional changes and feedback

Along with the Flea Market update, some additional adjustments have also found their way in the update. Notably, the keycard is not required anymore for entry into the TerraGroup Labs. In addition, Buyanov asked for player opinions whether Flea Market policies of item restriction should be liberated. However, there were doubts as to this, being caused by the possible widespread availability of top-notch equipment that may lead to inappropriate game balance. 

The update covers several game aspects aimed at promoting balance and progression. Inertia strength of base has been brought down by 20% whereas stamina capacity and overweight limits are up by 15%. Besides, the players will earn more skill points by successfully completing gym Quick Time Events (QTEs) in secret hideouts, accelerating the process of leveling up strength and endurance.

Source: Escape from Tarkov

Loot balancing and AI adjustments

Loot distribution has been changed on all locations but not Streets of Tarkov map, with much more rare loots spawning in locked rooms. Moreover, the AI Scav spawns on the Interchange map has been increased to make PvE encounters more exciting. Selling a PMC dog tag has been made more rewarding thus players tend to get more involved with the PvP encounters.

In addition to that, Buyanov explained the queue time problems associated with the EoD players which joined the new offline PvE mode with persistent progression. This decision was made after the company decided to make this mode available to all EoD owners and to gradually roll out new PvE servers to meet the growing demand.

The current Escape From Tarkov addition of Battlestate Games brings in major changes to the Flea Market and in terms of gameplay mechanics in an aim to gauge if these are sustainable in the long term. The short-term elimination of the Found in Raid condition on the Flea Market may change the way players interact and trade, while other changes are aimed at making the game more fun and balanced.

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