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  • Epic Games expands Fortnite with Rocket Racing and LEGO Fortnite, attracting millions of players.
  • The metaverse continues to grow as Harmonix’s Fortnite Festival brings music legends to the gaming world.
  • Fortnite’s recent record-breaking month underscores its potential as a thriving metaverse platform.

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, continues its expansion into the metaverse with the rollout of new in-game experiences. Following the Big Bang Live event’s announcement, Epic Games has introduced Rocket Racing, a fast-paced arcade racing game developed by Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League. 

The game has garnered significant attention and achieved over 500,000 concurrent users on its first day. Meanwhile, LEGO Fortnite, an innovative survival crafting experience, sustained its popularity, maintaining a peak of 2.3 million concurrent users during prime time hours on its second day. Epic Games is poised to launch its third offering, Harmonix’s Fortnite Festival, which features music icons like Lady Gaga and the Weeknd, catering to music-loving crowds.

Rocket racing: Pure arcade racing attracts enthusiasts

Rocket Racing, developed by Psyonix, brings a new dimension to the Fortnite metaverse. Unlike its predecessor, Rocket League, Rocket Racing ditches the soccer gimmick and focuses solely on delivering a pure arcade racing experience. This new addition to Fortnite has quickly gained traction, with over 500,000 concurrent users on its debut day, putting it on par with the popularity of the Zero Build mode. Rocket Racing is free-to-play, making it easily accessible to players without any financial commitment. However, for those looking to enhance their experience, there are various microtransactions available.

LEGO Fortnite, an innovative take on the battle royale genre, combines the creativity of LEGO with the survival crafting elements of Fortnite. On its second day, this unique game mode continued to thrive, peaking at 2.3 million concurrent users, a figure reminiscent of its initial day’s success. This sustained popularity indicates that the blend of LEGO’s creativity and Fortnite’s action-packed gameplay has resonated with the gaming community. The future evolution of user numbers will be an intriguing trend to monitor.

Harmonix’s Fortnite festival: Music legends and gaming convergence

The next eagerly anticipated addition to the Fortnite metaverse is Harmonix’s Fortnite Festival. This musical extravaganza leverages the pedigree of Harmonix, known for games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, to offer players an immersive musical experience within the Fortnite universe.

With the involvement of renowned artists such as Lady Gaga and The Weeknd, this in-game festival is expected to draw music-loving crowds. The fusion of gaming and music is a promising endeavor, and its reception will be closely watched.

These recent releases mark a significant step in Fortnite’s journey towards becoming a thriving metaverse. Epic Games reported a record-breaking month in November, with over 100 million players engaging in the OG season.

This robust player engagement underscores Fortnite’s enduring appeal and potential as a metaverse platform. Epic Games has also hinted at the return of the OG season in the coming year, exciting long-time players.

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