Emotionise AI Secures High Potential Start-Up Status and Launches Pre-Seed Funding Round


  • Emotionise AI, founded in 2018 by Marie Toft, integrates emotional intelligence into AI communication tools, driven by her TV and psychotherapy background.
  • Standing out in AI, Emotionise AI creates its own emotionally intelligent data, earning a high potential start-up status in Enterprise Ireland.
  • Leveraging GPT-3, Emotionise AI’s tool provides emotional audits for written communication, enhancing employee engagement and customer support; currently raising €600,000 in a pre-seed round for expansion.

Emotionise AI, a pioneering artificial intelligence business founded in 2018 by Marie Toft, Tim Pat Dufficy, and Siva Sharma, has achieved a significant milestone by securing its status as part of the high potential start-up unit in Enterprise Ireland. The company, which aims to teach machines to understand human emotions and develop communication tools based on that understanding, is now set to raise a pre-seed round of €600,000 to further propel its innovative initiatives.

Marie Toft, the visionary behind Emotionise AI, draws inspiration from her extensive background in the media, particularly television. It was during her tenure in the media industry that she recognized the pivotal role of emotional connection and response. Toft’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Emotionise AI with a primary focus on consultancy and communications.

However, a pivotal shift occurred when Toft decided to pursue further education in psychotherapy at University College Cork (UCC). This educational endeavor transformed her perspective, challenging the conventional belief that humans are primarily thinking machines. Instead, Toft contends that humans are “feeling machines that think.” This paradigm shift fueled her ambition to integrate emotional intelligence into artificial intelligence.

Fusion of expertise: AI and psychotherapy

Toft’s journey took a crucial turn when she joined “Going for Growth,” an Enterprise Ireland scheme for female entrepreneurs. This experience prompted her to digitize the emotional process, seeking ways to harness emotional impact through artificial intelligence. In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she joined New Frontiers, providing her with the necessary time and space to develop the business idea.

Emotionise AI’s unique approach lies in its commitment to creating its own emotionally intelligent data. Toft and her team of writers meticulously craft data, differentiating the company from other AI models that rely solely on pre-existing datasets. This distinction, Toft emphasizes, sets Emotionise apart from other AI models, including the notable ChatGPT.

Leveraging GPT-3 for enhanced emotional intelligence

The launch of GPT-3, the predecessor of ChatGPT, presented Emotionise AI with new opportunities to enhance its AI capabilities. GPT-3, a cutting-edge language model, empowered Toft to further refine the emotional intelligence embedded in her AI. The integration of GPT-3 allows Emotionise AI to provide users with an emotional audit of their written communication, offering insights into how the message may resonate with the intended audience.

Toft highlights that Emotionise AI goes beyond the capabilities of generative AI models like ChatGPT by creating its own data. The company’s team of writers ensures the development of emotionally intelligent data, a crucial factor in delivering more nuanced and contextually relevant responses.

High potential start-up status and funding round

Emotionise AI’s recent recognition as part of the high potential start-up unit in Enterprise Ireland marks a significant achievement for the company. This acknowledgment reflects the potential impact and innovative nature of Emotionise AI’s endeavors in the AI landscape.

With this accolade, Emotionise AI is poised to secure its future growth by launching a pre-seed funding round, aiming to raise €600,000. This funding will further fuel the company’s mission to revolutionize employee engagement and customer support through the integration of emotional intelligence in AI-driven communication tools.

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