Embleema blockchain partners with European group to cater over 10,000 pharmacies

Over ten thousand pharmacies across Europe are getting on Blockchain through Embleema. The said pharmacies are operating with Pharmagest Interactive the primary software provider of the said pharmacies. The software group has been working with a focus on patient care putting the patient at the heart of their solutions.

The duo would now be building solution based on Embleema blockchain to allow data-based solutions. Pharmagest Interactive, on the other hand, is already providing a patient service that allows data download from the pharmacies.

The partnership would be testing and deploying solutions across the network of pharmacies operating within Europe. The blockchain partnership solutions would allow Pharmagest Interactive to manage and improve the existing network patients are using to create digital data through pharmacy network.

Thierry Chapusot, the chief executive officer of Pharmacist Interactive, expressed to media that the partnership is looking to leverage the potential that comes with blockchain technology to secure the patient data and ensure transparency. The solution would allow them to improve through blockchain, the safety of drugs and monitor the efficacy with better efficiency.

The founder of Embleema Robert Chu also expressed that the partnership with one of the leading groups in Europe would allow financial stability to the blockchain. He expressed that the stability would, in turn, allow faster research and development of solutions for patient care.