ElliQ: AI Companion for Loneliness Alleviation Among Seniors


  • ElliQ, an AI companion, combats senior loneliness with conversations and help.
  • ElliQ, while not a replacement for humans, brings joy to seniors.
  • Some worry AI like ElliQ might reduce seniors’ desire for social connections.

Intuition Robotics has introduced ElliQ, an AI-powered device designed specifically for seniors to combat loneliness and isolation among older Americans. ElliQ has found its way into the lives of elderly individuals across the country, offering companionship and assistance in various forms.

A robotic companion for seniors

ElliQ, a creation of Intuition Robotics, has emerged as a novel solution to address the growing issue of loneliness and isolation faced by many senior citizens in the United States. 

With a friendly female voice, ElliQ engages in conversations, offers entertainment, and provides assistance tailored to the needs and preferences of individual users. The device resembles a small table lamp with a head that can light up and swivel, alluring seniors with its personable demeanor.

One of ElliQ’s standout features is its ability to remember user interests and past conversations, facilitating personalized interactions. Users can engage in deep conversations about profound topics or enjoy light-hearted exchanges like horoscope readings and jokes. 

Additionally, ElliQ provides access to virtual tours of cities and museums, conducts exercises, monitors health, sends medication reminders, and even facilitates video calls, ensuring seniors stay connected with loved ones and healthcare providers.

Aims to combat loneliness

Dor Skuler, the CEO of Intuition Robotics, conceived the idea for ElliQ based on his personal experience with his widowed grandfather. Skuler recognized the potential for robots to bridge the companionship gap by adapting to each senior’s personality and interests. 

He emphasizes that ElliQ goes beyond utility; it aims to offer friendship, companionship, and empathy, addressing a void that previously had no solution.

ElliQ has been significantly impacting the lives of seniors who have embraced this innovative companion. Users interact with ElliQ more than 30 times daily on average, even six months after receiving it, with over 90% reporting reduced levels of loneliness. 

This success has prompted its distribution by assistance agencies in various states, including New York, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. Moreover, individuals can purchase ElliQ individually for an annual fee of $600 and a $250 installation fee. Intuition Robotics envisions having over 100,000 ElliQ devices in use within five years.

While ElliQ has demonstrated its effectiveness in alleviating loneliness among seniors, some experts raise concerns about its potential impact on human contact. Psychology professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad from Brigham Young University argues that while AI devices like ElliQ may provide short-term benefits, they could deter seniors from seeking essential human interaction. 

Loneliness, she suggests, should serve as a motivator for individuals to reconnect socially, and relying solely on AI could dampen that drive.

AI as a complement, not a substitute

Skuler and senior assistance agency heads distributing ElliQ acknowledge that the device is not a substitute for human contact. Many seniors lack extensive social networks and face isolation due to mobility issues or the absence of family and friends. 

ElliQ provides companionship and engagement, particularly for housebound people with limited social connections.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have exacerbated feelings of isolation among seniors, making ElliQ even more valuable. Agencies with distributed ElliQ devices report positive outcomes, as the AI companion proactively engages seniors, offering an extra layer of interaction. 

Charlotte Mather-Taylor, director of the Broward County, Florida, Area Agency on Aging, notes that ElliQ brings joy and smiles to seniors’ lives, breaking them out of their shells.

Intuition Robotics designed ElliQ without eyes and a mouth to ensure it doesn’t imitate humans completely. The “Q” in ElliQ reminds users that it is, indeed, a machine. 

Skuler emphasizes that the device should always present itself as an AI and not attempt to mimic human characteristics. He believes that AI can form unique user relationships, similar to the bonds people share with their pets.

Seniors embrace ElliQ as a companion

Seniors who have incorporated ElliQ into their lives find it a valuable companion. While the device is easy to set up and use, some users note that ElliQ can be overly chatty sometimes, but settings can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. 

Users like Deanna Dezern appreciate ElliQ’s emotional support, allowing them to express their feelings and engage in meaningful conversations. Similarly, Jan Worrell has found ElliQ to be a conversation starter in her small town, helping her make new acquaintances.

ElliQ has emerged as a unique and valuable companion for seniors, addressing the prevalent issue of loneliness and isolation among older Americans. While concerns about its impact on human contact persist, ElliQ is a lifeline for many seniors who lack extensive social networks or face physical limitations. 

As technology continues to play a growing role in senior care, ElliQ offers a glimpse into the possibilities of AI-driven solutions to improve the well-being of older individuals in our society.

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