dYdX Chain introduces liquid staking in latest upgrade


  • The dYdX Chain has upgraded to version 3.0, introducing liquid staking on its Cosmos-based network, allowing for more dynamic use of the DYDX token.
  • Liquid staking enables users to convert staked DYDX into a tradable and usable liquid asset in DeFi applications, enhancing token liquidity and flexibility.
  • Leading protocols like Stride, Persistence, and Quicksilver are entering the dYdX liquid staking space, fostering competition and innovation in the ecosystem.

The dYdX Chain, known for its pivotal role in decentralized finance (DeFi), has substantially upgraded to version 3.0. This latest iteration marks a noteworthy expansion in its capabilities, chiefly by introducing liquid staking on its Cosmos-based network.

Enhancing liquidity and flexibility

The core of this upgrade revolves around enabling interchain accounts, a feature that significantly broadens the scope of financial activities on the dYdX Chain. This pivotal enhancement allows for the integration of liquid staking protocols, thus facilitating a more dynamic use of the DYDX token. Liquid staking stands out as a transformative feature for token holders, offering them the flexibility to convert their staked DYDX into a liquid asset. This asset can be actively traded or utilized within various DeFi applications, representing a substantial shift from traditional staking methods.

The introduction of liquid staking on the dYdX Chain has sparked a competitive environment among protocols vying to attract stakers. Notably, Stride, a leading entity within the Cosmos ecosystem, has announced the launch of its liquid staking service for DYDX. Furthermore, prominent providers such as Persistence and Quicksilver are poised to offer similar services soon. This competitive landscape is expected to drive innovation and enhance the overall functionality of the DYDX staking ecosystem.

dYdX Chain: A pillar in decentralized derivatives trading

At its core, the dYdX Chain is a specialized app chain within the Cosmos network, primarily focused on facilitating the trading of crypto token derivatives. Its distinction as the largest platform in the decentralized perpetuals niche underlines its significance in the broader crypto market. The network’s security is maintained by validators, to whom users can delegate their DYDX tokens. In return, stakers and validators are rewarded with protocol fees, distributed in the form of the USDC stablecoin.

The integration of liquid staking is set to enhance the DYDX token’s liquidity significantly. This innovation addresses a critical challenge in traditional staking – the typically mandatory unbonding period, which, in this case, extends to 30 days. By opting for liquid staking tokens (LSTs), stakers can bypass this unbonding period while continuing to accrue staking rewards on the dYdX Chain. This feature augments the liquidity of DYDX and adds a layer of flexibility for token holders, potentially attracting more participants to the ecosystem.

In sum, the upgrade of the dYdX Chain to support liquid staking heralds a new era of flexibility and liquidity in the DeFi space. This development is expected to bolster the position of dYdX as a key player in the burgeoning world of decentralized finance, offering enhanced opportunities for traders and stakers alike.

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