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Dunston Low Lamborghini raffle puts crypto currency to use

duston low lamborghini raffle

Dunstan Low is a fundraiser that aims to raise charity to aid local charity centers. He is hosting a raffle that will allow people to get their hands on a Lamborghini for only 0.00057 BTC. This raffle will also donate a total of 2 percent of the collected funds to a charity center chosen by the winner. Dunstan wants to use this raffle as an agent of change, and he highlights the importance of trust between him and his cryptocurrency users.

Low has chosen cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. People who wish to participate can enter by using cryptocurrency. He did this because he was impressed by the concept of people being given the power previously held by institutions. For him, an ideal raffle is the one based on crypto. Even though there are other options for paying as well, but Low wants to avoid banks and the conventional payment methods. Low recommends this crypto payment method and finds it revolutionary

The winner of the most recent raffle hosted by Low was chosen by a google number generator on a random phone while the button was pressed by a solicitor. This whole ceremony was filmed in the presence of thirty journalists. Low is presently trying to use blockchain tech to do this process fairly as well.

Low thinks that cryptocurrency can be used to decrease expenses and also create openness in the fundraising field. He also thinks it will provide sound solutions to problems in healthcare, housing, wages, etc.

Low explained that raffles draw the public’s attention to take part in something for the greater good. He had to raffle his house in 2017 due to some circumstances. His family spent around two years trying to sell the house. Increasing mortgages forced them to devise a plan for the raffle.

After some research, he realized that by giving the option of free entry to people he could avoid most the troubles that came with the raffling process. After doing this, he got an immensely positive response in little time. He collected a large number of entries for the raffle the same day.

He says that he used PayPal which quickly noticed the raffle and refused to go on with it. After negotiating for about a month, PayPal finally agreed and settled down.

After six months they were on the BBC show and finally gave the house to the winner along with donating to two UK based charities. This gave him a push to start a raffle revolution he is asked now to raffle properties worth millions.

Aroosa Nadeem

Aroosa Nadeem

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