Drop Hunting on CryptoRank: The Best Airdrop Guides at One Place

Recently we released a new product dedicated to airdrops, Drop Hunting, and in this article we want to familiarize you with its functionality. This tool is now available to every CryptoRank user. With it, airdrop hunting will become more advanced, efficient and simple.

Airdrop mania has taken over minds and now literally everyone is doing it: from cab drivers to bank employees. Noticing the need for clear and structured information on drop hunting, we decided to create a product that will cover all activities, as well as be easy to use and have wide functionality. 


While on the CryptoRank homepage, you can click on the “Products –> Drop Hunting” tab, which will take you to the dashboard page.

The dashboard can be divided into two components:

  • Overview widgets located in the first half of the page;
  • A list of all current projects with airdrop campaigns, located below the widget;

Let’s take a detailed look at both components of the page.

Widgets – All the Most Important Information in One Place

The overview widget is three scoreboards that show:

  • Current Activity Overview, including quantitative analytics on:
    • Number of new campaigns added during the week.
    • Number of projects with confirmed airdrop.
    • Number of airdrops which can already be claimed.
    • The average amount of airdrop per account.
  • Near-term rewards, which includes projects that are expected to go live distribute airdrop soon, or have already opened claim page.
  • Hot activity – projects that are directly worth being active in. 

All Airdrops in One Place

Right below the widgets is a list of all current projects in which you can be active. Let’s take a closer look at this block. In the upper part there is a panel of filters by various criteria, after which the list of projects starts.

The list includes the name of the project, types of task and potential rewards, status, the amount of money raised from venture capital funds, and the Twitter (X) account score of the project. With all these metrics, you will be able to select the most relevant project with the highest potential.

However, one of the most important metrics is “Project Status Update”. It indicates the stage of the project, i.e. it ultimately helps users answer the question, “is it still worthwhile to participate or is it too late?”. 

The statuses are categorized into: 

  • Potential means that airdrop from the project is not confirmed, but is very likely.
  • Confirmed means that airdrop has been confirmed by the project.
  • Snapshot means that a project has already taken a snapshot, so it is too late to take active actions.
  • Verification means that a project has launched a website where you can check if you are eligible.
  • Reward available means that the claims page has been launched and you can click on the link to get the airdrop. 
  • Distributed means that the claiming period is over or the airdrop has already been distributed automatically.

The second metric to look at is “Reward Type”.

Types are categorized into:

  • Airdrop, a distribution of project tokens to users who have performed certain activities.
  • Ambassador, a role in the project, in which the user must perform certain marketing tasks aimed at the development of the project, for which he will then be rewarded.
  • Whitelist, activity for which users can get on a list that gives them an opportunity to participate in a future closed token sale or a similar event from the project.
  • NFT stands for a distribution of non-fungible tokens, which are given for certain merits and can potentially become a multiplier in a future airdrop.
  • Points, a recently introduced type of airdrop, in which project tokens are distributed among users according to the number of accumulated points.
  • Role, a role on the project’s discord server, which is given for certain merits and can potentially become a multiplier for a future airdrop.

If you are a beginner, it is better to choose “Airdrop” and/or “Points” among this list to guarantee your reward. Using filters, you will simplify your research and save your time.

The Drophunter’s Main Assistant – Detailed Guide from CryptoRank

In addition to the sections described above, we also make detailed guides for all the projects in the list, as far as possible. To view a detailed guide, just click on the project you are interested in and you will be taken to its page.

The top part of the guide page repeats the project metrics from the previous page. 

The bottom part is a detailed manual with detailed descriptions.

Note that in many projects it is better to perform several activities to have a better chance to get airdrop.

Check out a new airdrop hunting tool by CryptoRank now!

👉 https://cryptorank.io/drophunting

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