Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fans Contemplate Extreme Measures for Frame Rate Boost


  • Players plan to kill NPCs in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for better frame rates due to CPU usage issues.
  • Capcom acknowledges the problem and promises performance improvements in the future.
  • The gaming community debates the ethics and effectiveness of sacrificing virtual characters for smoother gameplay.

As the highly anticipated release of Dragon’s Dogma 2 approaches, fans eagerly await the chance to delve into the realm of this beloved RPG franchise. However, amidst the excitement, concerns have surfaced regarding the game’s performance on PC, particularly concerning frame rate stability.

Capcom acknowledges performance issues

In a statement addressed to IGN, Capcom addressed the reported frame rate instability on PC. The developer acknowledged that a significant portion of CPU usage is allocated to each character within the game, dynamically calculating their impact on various environments. Consequently, CPU usage can spike in scenarios where multiple characters are present simultaneously, potentially leading to performance issues such as fluctuating frame rates.

Despite Capcom’s acknowledgment of the issue and assurance of ongoing efforts to improve performance, some players have taken a rather extreme approach in their quest for smoother gameplay. Inspired by the understanding that dead NPCs remain deceased permanently in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players have begun discussing plans to strategically eliminate non-essential characters to potentially alleviate performance issues.

On platforms like Reddit, players have engaged in discussions and collaborations to identify NPCs deemed inconsequential to the game’s progression and lore. The goal is to compile a list of targets for what can only be described as a virtual massacre to optimize frame rates. Some players have even suggested waiting until after completing quests associated with certain NPCs before carrying out their digital demise, ensuring minimal impact on gameplay progression.

Speculation and imaginative scenarios

The concept of sacrificing NPCs for the sake of performance has sparked a flurry of speculation and creative scenarios within the Dragon’s Dogma 2 community. Some envision early speed runs of the game incorporating strategic NPC eliminations to optimize frame rates as the run progresses. Others have humorously contemplated the possibility of witnessing a player boasting about achieving a smooth 60 frames per second after wiping out a significant portion of the game’s population.

While systematically exterminating NPCs for performance gains may seem amusing in theory, it raises ethical considerations within the gaming community. The notion of treating virtual characters as disposable resources solely for technical advantage prompts reflection on the boundaries of player agency and moral responsibility in gaming environments.

Final thoughts and a cautionary note

As Dragon’s Dogma 2 prepares for its official launch, the extent to which NPC massacres will impact the game’s performance remains speculative. While some players may experiment with this unconventional approach, it’s essential to remember the implications of such actions within the context of the game world and the broader gaming community. Regardless of individual strategies, it’s imperative to approach gameplay with respect for the developers’ creative vision and the immersive experience they’ve crafted.

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