DoorDash introduces AI-powered voice order system

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  • DoorDash has announced the introduction of an AI-powered voice ordering system.
  • Experts say AI will complement and not replace workers.

In a bid to revolutionize the restaurant industry, DoorDash has unveiled an innovative AI-powered voice ordering system. The company asserts that this technology will not only maximize revenue for restaurants but also ensure that no customer call goes unanswered. Going a step further, the AI system will offer personalized recommendations to customers, thereby boosting the value of each order.

DoorDash unveils innovative ordering system

At the heart of this groundbreaking initiative lies the integration of AI conversational bots and live agents, as detailed in a recent blog post by DoorDash. The overarching objective is to seize every opportunity presented by phone orders. The initiative rests upon four key pillars: driving cost-effective incremental sales, alleviating the pressure on in-store labor, delivering impeccable customer experiences, and streamlining the merchant onboarding process.

While DoorDash is certainly making waves with this AI-infused endeavor, it is important to note that it is not the sole player in the realm of AI-assisted ordering. Earlier this year, Wendy’s made headlines by introducing an AI drive-thru chatbot developed using Google’s natural language software. The trial for the Wendy’s bot was launched at a restaurant situated in Columbus, Ohio.

Although Wendy’s initiative marked a significant industry milestone, DoorDash is committed to furthering the voice AI trend. Citing its 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, DoorDash highlights that a notable 20% of customers still prefer the traditional approach of phoning in their takeout orders. Yet, a staggering proportion of these calls—up to 50%—go unanswered during peak hours, according to DoorDash’s observations.

Experts say AI will complement and not replace workers

Rajat Shroff, Head of Product and Design at DoorDash, emphasized that investing in their voice product to capture customer demand is a means of bolstering the growth of their partners’ businesses. The introduction of DoorDash’s AI solution is positioned as a symbiotic advancement, poised to augment restaurant revenue while preserving the essence of hospitality. By entrusting AI chatbots with order-taking responsibilities, the intention is to liberate staff to focus on delivering exceptional in-store service. Customers stand to gain from quicker call response times and personalized order suggestions.

However, as AI’s influence expands within the restaurant landscape, valid concerns about potential job displacement have surfaced. A recent Pew Research study underscored the apprehensions of a majority of U.S. workers regarding AI’s impact on employment. The prospect of AI-enabled technologies performing tasks traditionally carried out by human employees raises questions about the future of these jobs.

DoorDash, in response to these concerns, emphasizes that its voice ordering innovation is aimed at complementing rather than replacing human staff. This approach aligns with their goal of fortifying restaurant operations. So, while AI might be taking over the helm of phone orders, DoorDash asserts that the personal touch provided by human employees remains indispensable.

In a world where technology increasingly infiltrates daily interactions, it’s no surprise that an AI-powered robot could potentially manage your phone order the next time you’re craving takeout. This scenario is already a reality in many instances. What sets AI chatbots apart, however, is their consistent demeanor and the fact that they are not subject to off days or rough moods. As DoorDash’s AI-driven voice ordering system blazes a trail in the restaurant industry, the narrative of AI’s role in reshaping the workforce continues to evolve.

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