DogWifHat Traders Investing In Mollars Presale As WIF Token Down -12%

DogWifHat has had a great run this year, rising to a high of US$3.62 earlier this month, May 6th.   The spike caused many to chase the tail end of the surge,  hoping for a better all-time high.  That bullish cycle has turned bearish however and the WIF token is now down -12.6% on the month.   With that drop traders have begun migrating to new opportunities and the most noteworthy now is DogWifHat traders investing into the Mollars token presale.

Mollars token presale will end on June 2nd.   The initial coin offering is in its 5th of 6 funding rounds, with the ERC-20 coin being offered at US$0.55 [cents].    Once in the sixty round that price will auto-increase to US$0.60 [cents], a 5 cent difference.

Which Cryptocurrency Gets Searched For The Most on Google?

DogWifHat investors are jumping ship to the Mollars ICO as it’s trending in crypto communities globally, including their own.  In fact, the presale is so popular at this point, Google Trends shows that the “MOLLARS” keyword gets 69% of the volume of search inquiries  that DogWifHat gets on some days.

The difference however — Mollars hasn’t even launched yet.

To be in its presale stage and having raised over $1.4-million-dollars, with branding value that rivals a coin with a $2-billion-dollar market cap is nothing short of incredible.  The $MOLLARS token presale is an unprecedented event for a special coin, that is on a blockchain that’s better than its goliath-sized rival — Bitcoin (BTC).

What is Mollars Token used for?

The $Mollars token is a store-of-value asset like $BTC, but layered on the Ethereum-Blockchain.    Before last week, many theorized that if the Ethereum Spot ETF got approved, Mollars could have a fair shot at stealing a  lion’s share of the SOV market from Bitcoin.   Now that the EThereum spot Exchange Traded Funds account has gotten approval from the US SEC, an explosion is happening.

Mollars token presale total has risen 5 figures in the last 48 hours and this could continue to increase over the next 2 weeks.   The ICO closes on June 2nd and everything appears to be aligning in a way that was prophesied by the token’s founder.

The “Ethereum Blockchain’s Bitcoin,” launched its ICO just before the beginning of an $ETH coin bull run.  Now it will finish after the spot ETF approval and another bull cycle.

Leadership: Who founded this crypto?

The founder predicted both events, suggesting they would have a positive effect on the ICO in terms of bringing awareness.    As a team, the project’s group of professionals believe that Bitcoin isn’t truly decentralized since its founder kept 1-million tokens.  Also, they believe that the Bitcoin-blockchain has transaction fees that are beyond reason, that need to be watched.  

Seeing those issues, the founder of Mollars created this new SOV token on the crypto world’s leading cryptocurrency blockchain. Not only that, the token adheres to the concept of true decentralization and just announced a September 15th deadline for the token’s native Decentralized Crypto Exchange [DEX].

Added to those factors, Mollars is deflationary in nature with a finite token supply of only 10-million tokens.   The low quantity is under half that of Bitcoin.    

More detailed, the owner also predicted in the original whitepaper that using ICO funding to market the ERC-20 token with a  professional group to generate branding value, would be a key factor to increasing value.   They were right about this also.  

DogWifHat vs Mollars Potential

In comparison to the DogWifHat project, Mollars looks even more promising.  

The $WIF memecoin was designed to be a ‘jackpot’ for some traders, likely whales who feed on shrimp investors.   Shrimps don’t realize such tokens have no utility, unlike Mollars which is a ‘store of value’ asset that can be held for a hedge against global  inflation.

Crypto whales have no incentive to hold $WIF token because the total supply of 998-million will not be ‘sold out’ without serious commercial adoption.  Added to that issue, there’s no true dAPPS or apps, or major partnerships that can make the WIF token necessary to cryptocurrency users.

The only thing that can happen with WIF is ‘jackpot activity’ and whales feeding on shrimp’s emotions.

Mollars Has Utility & dAPP

Mollars on the other hand will be the native token used to bridge cross-chain transactions of their coming decentralized crypto exchange on Mollars.CC, an alternate domain to the dot com.    On top of that, the project only has a total token supply of 10M with nearly 3M sold already, before its launching on public crypto exchanges.  

With 3 crypto exchanges already announcing they will list the $MOLLARS token,  it’s already set to be exposed to an estimated 20M crypto traders.    In the 3 medium sized exchanges alone, there’s not enough tokens for everyone to own one whole coin.  

More exchanges, like Uniswap or MexC are expected to list the Mollars token, which could push the buyer audience numbers much higher.    

The 10M token supply against audiences of over 20M, alongside the Mollars token’s supreme planning for a strong branding push may create a recycled pattern of upward parabolic growth.    The token’s value could increase rapidly due to demand and generate enough attention to retain fundamental signals that generate more growth.

In layman’s terms, the store of value token could continue growing due to branding, deflationary value,  and popularity.

Why are WIF Token Holders Buying This Now?

This is why the DogWifHat audience is now moving up the list of the most common tokens held by Mollars token presale investors.   As $WIF gets exposed for its lack of real value, and 12% was lost last month, perhaps investors can turn around their portfolio with Ethereum-blockchain’s version of Bitcoin.

Priced at US$0.55 (cents) today, the  growth in value on Mollars listing day price alone (62-cents)  is a +27% growth.  Though listing day cap requires the token presale reaches it’s hard cap,  still the ‘swap’ to this new token could prove to be a much better investment.  The 7-cent growth alone is enough to correct all losses incurred to DogWifHat traders’ portfolios.  But more importantly, Mollars token is predicted [view] to reach far higher prices by reputed analysts.

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