Dogecoin community issues warning on risky IP claims in crypto investments

In this post:

  • Mishaboar criticizes IP claims by meme coin promoters.
  • Dogecoin’s value declines amidst a broader market slowdown.
  • Investors are urged to research before buying meme coins.

Influential community participants of the Dogecoin Community (known as Mishaboar) warned the meme coin investors of the potential risks when the coins are claimed to be under intellectual property rights. The warning of this comes in an increase in the number of meme coins pouring into the market where each of them is hoping to catch the investor’s enthusiasm morale.

Cautioning against IP Claims in Meme Coins

Mishaboar’s warning to the Dogecoin community can be seen among those in this meme coin’s space. Yet, in Mishaboar’s opinion, the structure of memes as popularized in media contradicts the earlier definition. The earlier definition, including their decentralized nature and viral, community-based spreading, does not comply with classic ownership and control patterns.

Investors would be better informed to avoid such claims, which are often marketing tactics ungrounded on any real basis for achieving the desired results. This leads to the point that the essence of intellectual property is that it should not be used to corner the market or refrain from sharing a meme, causing it to go against the very qualities that make memes popular.

Dogecoin signals caution amid the crypto market’s intellectual

This alert seems to follow when the crypto market and the Dogecoin trade stunted growth. Dogecoin has witnessed a steeper decline in value in the last week, once used to be the leading large-cap meme coin. On the other hand, this ignores the broader risk-off sentiment and the influence of macroeconomic factors behind the FOMC policies and similar measures.

Investors are warned against making uninformed investments and putting their immaterial capital on the line by buying tokens, claiming that the token holder owns a piece of intellectual property. The crypto market’s unstable nature is considered a red flag, and Meme Coins, as the last element in the mix, only intensify the risk.

This Dogecoin community’s recent warning only shows that people should embark on watch-keeping even in the crypto world. Given the increasing popularity of meme tokens and the diversity of meme coins, recognizing their real essence and marketing strategies will be an important rudiment for any serious investor, whether new or not, to the market.

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