Dogecoin critic clashes with Mark Cuban


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Preston Pysh criticizes Mark Cuban for cheering a declining Doge
  • Cuban is excited to be part of the Doge community.

Dogecoin supporter and chairman of the Cuban Companies, Mark Cuban, has had an altercation with Preston Pysh, the co-founder of, The Investor’s Podcast, over Doge.

Cuban, a blockchain and crypto investor and expert – and a Cypher Accelerator senior advisor took to Twitter complaining about digital assets spam. He noted that the spam was becoming uncontrollable.

Pysh criticized Cuban for the post. The Pennsylvania-based entrepreneur teased Cuban on Twitter that he was pumping Doge last year, and now it has declined by about 80%. However, Cuban told him off by asking him to do a one-year comparative relation on the performance. He noted that Doge is great in spending, adding that it surpasses gambling in every aspect.

Not close to being an inflation hedge

Cuban says that many believe that the leading crypto is an inflation hedge, but they are wrong. Cuban insisted that it could not be that. He also points out that Dogecoin has significantly done better than bitcoin in the past couple of months.

Cuban believes Bitcoin is an excellent store of value. However, he believes that Dogecoin will outdo the leading currency in terms of payments. Cuban supported his comments about Dogecoin, saying that the meme coin’s inflationary philosophy makes it a significant currency. Tesla CEO Elon Musk agrees with the point.

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus commented too to defend the American billionaire. Markus said that it’s irritating when keyboard warriors misinterpret expressions. Cuban and Pysh conflicted late last year. They had a fiery conversation in October. The live discussion took place on Twitter Spaces.

Despite being condemned, Cuban said that he would not stop supporting Dogecoin. The Shark Tank star noted that it was a great feeling to be involved with the meme coin. Cuban noted those getting involved with crypto for the first time should consider Dogecoin since it’s an excellent debut to the market.

Apart from that, he also believes that Dogecoin is an affordable way of gaining knowledge about digital assets. Cuban further says that it is a simple entry since people are only required to get an account with Robinhood. Additionally, they need to buy $25 worth of DOGE.

With the Robinhood wallets coming up, there will be significant improvements. Cuban continues to say that Dogecoiners will be in a position to spend their favorite meme coin at merchants such as AMC.

Cuban’s Dogecoin holdings

Cuban owns under $2,000 in Dogecoin. This is quite surprising since he strongly advocates for the meme coin. Pysh has questioned the billionaire’s commitment to the meme coin. However, Cuban told Pysh to disclose his position in Bitcoin to prove his commitment.

Dennis Mugambi

Dennis Mugambi

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