Diverse thanksgiving: Crypto musings across the community

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  • Crypto’s steady growth showcased in Thanksgiving price reflections—BTC at $37,659 and ETH at $2,109.
  • Yat Siu highlights crypto’s robust journey, citing a $1.4 trillion Web3 market cap and rising BTC and ETH prices.
  • From festive crypto chats to serene contentment, Thanksgiving unveils the varied sentiments within the dynamic crypto community.

Thanksgiving celebrations within the crypto community took on a unique flavor this year as enthusiasts expressed gratitude for the industry’s milestones and progress. As users gathered on various platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), the sentiment was a mix of appreciation for past achievements and contemplation of the industry’s future.

Thanksgiving musings on market prices

Members of the crypto community took to social media to share their thoughts on the industry’s progress, with a particular focus on the market prices of leading digital assets. One member likened the crypto journey to cooking a turkey, emphasizing the patience required for optimal results. Comparisons between current prices and those from a year ago were common, with Bitcoin (BTC) marked at $37,659 and Ether (ETH) at $2,109 in 2022.

Key figures in the crypto space, such as Animoca Brands executive chairman Yat Siu, used the occasion to highlight the industry’s growth. Siu, in a post to his followers, underscored the importance of gratitude, citing the growth in Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) prices over the past year. Additionally, he drew attention to the remarkable increase in Web3’s total market capitalization, now standing at $1.4 trillion.

Bitcoin firm River contributed to the Thanksgiving discussions by sharing a historical perspective on BTC prices. The company’s post included a yearly breakdown of Bitcoin prices since 2018, emphasizing the evolving nature of the crypto market. While prices fluctuate, River encouraged its followers to value the consistent and evolving conversations about Bitcoin.

Crypto conversations at the thanksgiving table

The Thanksgiving dinner table became a forum for crypto conversations, as community members shared snippets of discussions with family and friends. One member recounted a dialogue where crypto was referred to as a “boom and a bust.”

In response, the individual highlighted the significant growth, stating that BTC had surged by 125%, currently hovering around $37,000. This exchange captured the essence of varied opinions within the community.

While some enthusiasts engaged in lively discussions about crypto at their Thanksgiving gatherings, others reported a notable absence of such discourse. A community member, adopting a neutral stance, expressed contentment, neither bullish nor bearish on the current state of the crypto space. This diversity of experiences underscores the decentralized and dynamic nature of the crypto community.

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