Discord redesigns its mobile app to unveil new features


  • Discord has rolled out a new update of its app with new features to help its users.
  • Providing easy navigation for users.

Discord’s recent mobile app refresh marks a significant evolution, responding to user feedback and adapting to the changing landscape of user preferences. Originally conceived in 2015 with a primary focus on serving as a companion app for PC gamers, Discord has since grown exponentially in terms of functionality and user base. The latest redesign, rolling out this week, not only addresses user requests but also redefines the mobile Discord experience, making it more user-friendly and in line with contemporary messaging app trends.

Discord unveils new features in its latest app update

One of the notable changes in the update is the replacement of the old navigation buttons with a new set of tabs. These tabs now guide mobile users to essential sections: Servers, Messages, Notifications, and their profile. The intention is clear—to streamline the navigation process and ensure that users can access key features with ease. This shift is especially crucial considering the extensive range of functions that Discord now offers beyond its initial gaming-centric focus.

Despite considering a horizontal dock-like design, Discord ultimately retained the classic vertical layout for servers. This decision stems from the acknowledgment that many users belong to numerous servers and prefer a layout that allows them to switch between servers efficiently. By maintaining the familiar server organization in a left-hand column, Discord ensures that users can access and manage multiple servers without sacrificing clarity and convenience.

A substantial improvement in the update is the dedicated section for messages. This new layout consolidates direct messages (DMs) and group DMs into a single location. This shift addresses a common user pain point, providing a more unified and organized messaging experience. Additionally, the inclusion of a top status area, showcasing real-time activities of friends, enhances the social aspect of Discord, encouraging users to join ongoing conversations seamlessly.

Providing easy navigation for users

The messaging part of the app receives further attention with the introduction of a feature allowing users to favorite specific DM or group DM threads. This function brings a sense of familiarity to users accustomed to messaging apps like iPhone Messages, where frequently contacted individuals are prioritized for quick access. Such refinements reflect Discord’s commitment to enhancing user interaction and convenience within the app. Clicking into channels or message threads now reveals information more clearly through a cleaner, larger design.

This redesign collects media, links, files, and member details in an organized manner, contributing to a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The search function, a critical component of any messaging app, underwent a significant overhaul, offering users the ability to search for messages, attachments, pinned messages, and files through a universal search bar. Visual enhancements play a pivotal role in the update, introducing a revamped profile page that underscores Discord’s emphasis on custom profiles.

Sharing pictures and videos on the platform now supports larger file sizes and boasts a more visually appealing presentation. The video and voice calls also receive a fresh, mobile-friendly UI, enhancing the overall communication experience. Finally, the update introduces a long-awaited feature—night mode, aptly named the “Midnight” theme. This addition not only caters to users who prefer a darker interface but also aligns Discord with industry standards, providing users with a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.

In addition to these feature-focused improvements, Discord has worked on enhancing the app’s performance. Users can expect faster launch times and a substantial reduction in data usage by a quarter, ensuring a smoother overall experience. Discord’s commitment to user feedback and evolving user needs is evident in this comprehensive mobile app update. By prioritizing messaging, refining visual elements, and optimizing performance, Discord positions itself as a versatile and user-centric platform capable of meeting the diverse communication needs of its growing user base.

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