Diablo IV Free Trial Now Available on Steam


  • Try Diablo IV for free on Steam until November 28, with characters capped at level 20.
  • Enjoy a 35% XP and gold bonus during “Mother’s Blessing Week” until November 27.
  • Create multiple characters during the trial to explore different classes and make the most of your experience.

Gamers curious about the highly-anticipated MMORPG, Diablo IV, now have the chance to experience the game for free with a trial version available on Steam. This trial period allows players to dive into the world of Sanctuary without any commitment, providing a taste of the game’s immersive universe. 

However, there is one catch: characters are capped at level 20 during the trial. While this might not be a significant milestone, it offers ample opportunity to explore and evaluate whether the Diablo IV experience is worth pursuing further.

A glimpse into the world of Sanctuary

The free trial of Diablo IV, available on Steam, is an enticing opportunity for players to venture into the dark and treacherous world of Sanctuary. Unlike some trial versions that restrict players to specific missions or areas, Diablo IV’s trial version provides a more open-ended experience. 

Players are free to explore and engage with the game as they would after purchasing the full version, with only the level cap serving as a limitation.

During the trial period, characters in Diablo IV are capped at level 20. While this might seem like a limitation, reaching this level cap doesn’t take a considerable amount of time, particularly for dedicated players. 

Despite the level cap, the trial offers a substantial opportunity to delve into the game’s mechanics, classes, and overall gameplay, helping players make an informed decision about whether to commit to the full Diablo IV experience.

To coincide with the free trial of Diablo IV, Blizzard is hosting a special event called “Mother’s Blessing Week.” During this event, players can enjoy a 35% bonus to their experience points (XP) and gold earnings. This bonus applies not only to players who own the full version of the game but also to those exploring the trial version. However, the increased XP gain also means that trial players will reach their level cap of 20 much faster.

Making the most of the trial

While the level cap may limit the amount of time players can spend in the trial of Diablo IV, there are ways to maximize the experience. Players can create multiple characters during the trial period, allowing them to explore different classes and playstyles. 

With the XP bonus event active, reaching level 20 won’t require more than a few hours of gameplay. This flexibility enables players to sample each class that Diablo IV has to offer and discover which one resonates with their preferences.

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