Diablo 4 Helltides Receives Mixed Reviews in Season 3


  • Diablo 4’s Helltides face criticism in Season 3 due to decreased popularity and outdated mechanics.
  • Community suggests improvements like gold-driven beacons and increased monster spawns for a more engaging experience.
  • Players express discontent with Season 3, urging Blizzard to address concerns and enhance Diablo 4’s overall gameplay.

The Diablo 4 community’s sentiment towards Helltides, an endgame activity introduced in the pre-season, has witnessed a decline in Season 3. Initially celebrated for its rewarding weapon and gear drops, Helltides now faces criticism for its lack of updates compared to other in-game activities.

As players progress to World Tier 3, they encounter specific red-marked areas on the Sanctuary map. These regions host increased demon and hellish enemy spawns, dropping Aberrant Cinders upon defeat. This in-game currency can be utilized to unlock special chests during the hour-long Helltides event, followed by a substantial cooldown.

Community feedback

Recent posts on Reddit, notably by user ‘bluepaintings100,’ shed light on player dissatisfaction with Helltides in Season 3. The primary concern revolves around the excessive time spent hunting mobs rather than engaging in combat. Additional sentiments mirrored this sentiment, with players proposing potential improvements to revive the activity.

Some players, such as ‘1trickana,’ advocate for the introduction of a beacon or similar mechanic that requires gold investment. This proposed feature would attract monsters, eliminating the monotony of endlessly traversing zones. Another player suggested Blizzard should consider integrating changes similar to those implemented in Helltides during Season 2, citing the need for increased monster spawns or a movement speed buff.

Feedback on recent changes

While acknowledging Blizzard’s effort to enhance Helltides in Season 3, players believe more adjustments are needed. Reductions in the cost of the Living Steel chest and improved location indicators were appreciated, but the consensus is that additional monsters or movement speed enhancements within the zone would significantly improve the overall experience.

Players draw parallels with Diablo 4 Season 2, specifically referencing the Vampiric Siphon activity. Despite the presence of the Cursed Conduit activity in Helltides, the absence of an equivalent to Vampiric Siphon has been noted. Suggestions have surfaced calling for Blizzard to incorporate a similar feature, adding depth and variety to the Helltides experience.

Optimizing aberrant cinders farming

In response to the community’s concerns, some players shared strategies to efficiently farm Aberrant Cinders during Helltides. The consensus revolves around navigating the map’s perimeters, where more spawns and consistent sources of loot are found. Events are recommended to be ignored unless they offer significant rewards, such as the Jar of Souls event.

Season 3 of Diablo 4, titled Season of the Construct, has faced scrutiny from players expressing discontent with various aspects of the game. As the community actively provides feedback and suggestions, the anticipation builds to see whether Blizzard will address these concerns in forthcoming patches. With players vocalizing their expectations for improvements in Helltides and other elements of the game, the spotlight remains on Blizzard’s response to the evolving player experience.

Helltides in Diablo 4, once a beacon of endgame engagement, has encountered a dip in popularity during Season 3. Player feedback underscores the need for revitalization through dynamic updates, with suggestions ranging from introducing gold-driven beacons to drawing inspiration from successful features in previous seasons. As the community continues to voice its opinions, all eyes are on Blizzard to deliver a responsive and satisfying gaming experience in the ongoing evolution of Diablo 4.

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