Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork set for launch on December 4

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Péter Szilágyi team lead for Ethereum Foundation revealed details regarding Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork.

Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork to be released in December

After being delayed, Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork thrice release date has been set for December 4, 2019. Previously, the Constantinople update was delayed by 48 hours before the announcement rolled out. Because of this, Ethereum’s global community is waiting patiently for details regarding the system-wide upgrade.

Péter Szilágyi, the core developer and “fork identifier” at Ethereum Foundation, shared the info regarding Geth v1.9.7’s release. The solution is written in Go programming language and would be the biggest solution to be implemented on the Ethereum Mainnet. The first version of Geth would also kick off Ethereum’s Istanbul Fork Block 90690000, which is set to arrive on December 4.

The news is evidence that things are changing at Ethereum, and it would be best for node operators to upgrade their Mainnet Geth nodes to v1.9.7 to avoid any surprises. As things might change at the Ethereum network as well, nodes on the old level might get left behind, so it is important to update to the latest version.

Apart from kicking off Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork, the release would also fix many issues and upgrade certain key areas. Specifically, the release would reinforce new fork orders to end unnecessary memory copying on the network. Many minor bugs are also being fixed in the upcoming update.

The news of Ethereum’s Istanbul hard fork was spread earlier the year after the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) was presented by Péter Szilágyi and Felix Lange.

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