Delysium and Microsoft Collaborate to Propel Decentralized AI into Mainstream


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  • Streamlining blockchain and AI for everyday users, reducing adoption hurdles.
  • Delysium’s AI network, with Microsoft’s Azure support, accelerates secure data sharing and decision-making among AI agents.
  • Developers can effortlessly deploy AI assistants, fostering a strong community in Delysium and Microsoft’s collaborative push for responsible decentralized AI.

Delysium, a pioneering force in decentralized technology, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with Microsoft, aiming to simplify the intricate landscape of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). This collaboration seeks to eliminate barriers to entry, making the benefits of decentralized technology more accessible to the average internet user.

The power of Delysium’s AI agent network

At the core of this collaboration is Delysium’s groundbreaking AI Agent Network, a system designed to facilitate secure data sharing among different AI agents. This network promises enhanced security, efficiency, and human alignment, marking a significant step towards safer autonomous agent operations and improved handling of sensitive personal information. By decentralizing AI, the network enables seamless coordination and faster communication between agents, resulting in accelerated problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform: Fueling decentralized AI

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform plays a pivotal role in this collaboration, providing the necessary computing power and access to AI solutions to scale Delysium’s decentralized AI ecosystem. The partnership leverages the synergy between Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure and OpenAI’s cutting-edge research and capabilities. Notably, Delysium has a history of collaboration with OpenAI, having been among the early adopters of GPT-3, showcasing a commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies.

Empowering developers with the AI agent network

According to XK, co-founder of Delysium, “Blockchain is made for AI, and AI is made for humans.” The collaboration envisions utilizing Microsoft’s cloud capabilities and OpenAI’s innovative models to uplift humanity responsibly. By combining Delysium’s expertise with Microsoft’s technology, the partnership aims to democratize the AI Agent Network, allowing developers to deploy their own AI assistants easily. This initiative has far-reaching implications, as the network’s growth will give rise to emergent intelligence, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with AI.

Delysium’s community strength and $AGI token adoption

With a robust community exceeding 300,000 members and over 18,544 unique wallet addresses holding Delysium’s $AGI token, the collaboration anticipates exciting developments in the coming months. The partnership between Delysium and Microsoft is poised to drive decentralized AI forward responsibly, showcasing the vast potential of a decentralized future.

Future prospects: Decentralized AI’s promise

As Delysium and Microsoft forge ahead in their collaboration, the future of decentralized AI looks promising. Users can anticipate engaging with AI agents conversationally, receiving personalized guidance, and executing complex actions both on and off the blockchain. The potential for widespread adoption of decentralized technology becomes increasingly evident, with collaborative efforts focusing on responsible and ethical use of AI.

Delysium and Microsoft’s partnership marks a significant milestone in simplifying the user experience in the realm of blockchain and AI. By combining Delysium’s pioneering AI Agent Network with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the collaboration not only streamlines onboarding but also empowers developers to contribute to the growth of decentralized AI. As the decentralized future unfolds, users can expect a more inclusive and accessible landscape for exploring the possibilities of blockchain and AI technologies.

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