Deadspin Acquired by Lineup Publishing, Shifts Focus to Gambling Referrals


  • Deadspin acquired by Lineup Publishing, shifts focus to gambling referrals, reflecting evolving market trends.
  • Lineup Publishing’s acquisition of Deadspin signifies a strategic move into the sports betting industry.
  • Change in ownership brings new opportunities for Deadspin as it transitions into a gambling referral site.

In a significant development within the digital media landscape, Deadspin, the renowned sports website, has undergone a change in ownership. Lineup Publishing, a media company headquartered in Malta, has acquired Deadspin from its previous owner, Jim Spanfeller. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Deadspin, signifying a shift in its editorial direction and business model.

Change in ownership

Lineup Publishing finalized the acquisition of Deadspin in March 2024, marking a new chapter in the website’s history. The transition in ownership from Jim Spanfeller to Lineup Publishing brings about strategic changes in Deadspin’s operations and content offerings.

Transition to gambling referrals

One of the most notable changes accompanying the acquisition is Deadspin’s transition into a gambling referral site. Lineup Publishing’s background in gaming and media suggests a deliberate strategic move towards catering to the growing interest in sports betting and online gambling. This shift reflects the evolving preferences of digital audiences and aligns Deadspin’s content strategy with emerging market trends.

Implications for Deadspin

The acquisition by Lineup Publishing opens up new opportunities for Deadspin to expand its reach and engagement within the sports and gaming communities. By leveraging Lineup Publishing’s expertise and resources, Deadspin can enhance its content quality and diversify its revenue streams through partnerships with leading gambling platforms.

The acquisition of Deadspin by Lineup Publishing marks a significant milestone for the iconic sports website. As Deadspin transitions into a gambling referral site under new ownership, it is poised to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in sports betting and online gambling. This strategic move underscores the dynamic nature of the digital media landscape and highlights Deadspin’s commitment to adapting to evolving market trends.

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