Daewoong Pharmaceutical Unveils Groundbreaking AI Drug Discovery System


  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical launches an AI-driven drug discovery system.
  • AI accelerates the development of new drugs, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Daewoong competes with global pharma giants, leveraging AI to advance healthcare.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Seoul, South Korea, has recently launched a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI)-powered drug discovery system. This system, designed to transform the landscape of pharmaceutical research, leverages a comprehensive database alongside cutting-edge AI technology to accelerate the development of new drugs. With this innovative approach, Daewoong aims to address the challenges of high costs and low efficiency traditionally associated with drug discovery.

Daewoong Reshapes drug discovery with AI

The core of Daewoong’s new drug discovery system is the Daewoong Advanced Virtual Database (DAVID), which contains a staggering 800 million compounds. These compounds have been accumulated from four decades of research and meticulously pre-processed to ensure their suitability for AI-driven drug development. DAVID, in combination with Daewoong’s AI-based Virtual Screening (AIVS) tool, empowers researchers to rapidly identify active substances that target specific proteins, thus significantly expediting the drug development process.

The integration of DAVID and AIVS has culminated in the creation of Daisy (Daewoong AI System), a web-based platform that enables the prediction of drug properties and the conduct of ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) research. This platform not only facilitates the rapid discovery of new compounds but also streamlines the entire drug development cycle, from preclinical research to commercialization.

Impact on healthcare and drug development

The adoption of AI in drug discovery has the potential to drastically reduce the time and resources required to bring new medications to market. Daewoong’s AI-driven system has already demonstrated its efficacy by discovering active substances for weight loss, diabetes treatment, and cancer cell inhibition in significantly shorter timeframes than traditional methods. By leveraging AI to uncover and develop new drug candidates, Daewoong is not only enhancing its research capabilities but also contributing to the advancement of global healthcare.

Navigating a competitive landscape

Daewoong Pharmaceutical is not alone in its pursuit of AI-driven drug discovery. Other pharmaceutical giants, including Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, have also embarked on similar initiatives, signaling a broader industry shift towards more efficient and innovative research methodologies. Despite the competitive environment, Daewoong’s comprehensive database and advanced AI tools position the company as a formidable player in the race to develop novel drugs.

The company’s decision to name its database DAVID, after the biblical figure who defeated Goliath, underscores its ambition to compete with and potentially outpace its larger global counterparts. This metaphor highlights Daewoong’s commitment to leveraging AI as a powerful tool in overcoming the challenges of drug development and achieving breakthroughs in medical science.

Prospects and contributions to human Health

Looking ahead, Daewoong plans to expand the application of AI across all stages of drug development, aiming to further reduce research trial and error, expedite safety evaluations, and shorten the overall time required to bring new drugs to market. This comprehensive approach to AI integration signifies a significant step forward in the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to enhance drug discovery and development processes.

Park Jun-Seok, director of the New Drug Discovery Center at Daewoong, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in drug development, comparing the exploration of new drug candidates to venturing into the universe. He expressed confidence that AI technology would enable the company to discover a vast number of new drug candidates, thereby making a substantial contribution to human health.

The Pharmaceutical’s AI-powered drug discovery system represents a pivotal advancement in the pharmaceutical industry, offering a more efficient and cost-effective approach to developing new drugs. 

By harnessing the power of AI and a vast database of compounds, Daewoong is not only streamlining its own research processes but also setting a precedent for innovation in healthcare research globally. As the company continues to explore the full potential of AI in drug development, its efforts are likely to yield significant benefits for patients worldwide, underscoring the critical role of technology in advancing medical science.

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