Da Nang Establishes IC and AI Research Center to Boost Semiconductor Industry


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  • Da Nang establishes IC and AI center to boost semiconductor industry growth.
  • Vietnam aims to bridge the engineering gap with a focus on technology training.
  • Da Nang’s new center promotes research, skills, and innovation in microelectronics and AI.

In a significant move to bolster Vietnam’s semiconductor industry, the People’s Committee of Da Nang city in central Vietnam issued a decisive decision on December 30 to establish an integrated circuit (IC) and artificial intelligence (AI) research and training center. This center, set to be managed by the municipal Department of Information and Communications, will play a pivotal role in nurturing high-quality engineers and fostering innovation in microchips, semiconductors, and AI technology.

Transformation of resources: Da Nang’s high-quality human resources development center

The newly formed center is a result of restructuring the Da Nang high-quality human resources development center, which was previously under the Department of Home Affairs. By consolidating these resources, the city aims to create a focused hub for research, training, technology transfer, and resource mobilization in the realms of microelectronics, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence. This strategic move aligns with legal regulations and underscores Da Nang’s commitment to advancing technological expertise.

A breakthrough opportunity for sustainable economic development

Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, Le Trung Chinh, emphasized the pivotal role that the center will play in addressing the demand for high-quality engineers in the semiconductor industry. This industry is poised to be a driving force behind sustainable economic development in Vietnam. With a growing market for semiconductors, estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% between 2021-2025 according to market research firm Technavioa, the nation is eager to harness its potential fully.

Addressing the imbalance in IC engineers

Vietnam currently boasts over 5,570 IC engineers, but this talent pool is heavily concentrated in specific regions. Ho Chi Minh City hosts more than 85% of these engineers, with 8% in Hanoi and 7% in Da Nang. The establishment of the IC and AI research and training center in Da Nang is expected to address this regional imbalance and enhance the city’s reputation as a technological hub.

Future prospects for Da Nang’s IC and AI center

The newly founded center is expected to make notable contributions to various facets of the semiconductor and AI industries:

Research and development: Da Nang’s IC and AI center will serve as a hotbed for cutting-edge research and development in microchip technology, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence. This will fuel innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible in these fields.

Training and skill enhancement: The center will offer comprehensive training programs aimed at equipping engineers with the latest knowledge and skills required for the semiconductor and AI sectors. This will help bridge the skill gap and ensure a steady supply of qualified professionals.

Technology transfer and collaboration: Collaborative efforts between the center and industry players are anticipated to facilitate technology transfer, leading to the development of new products and solutions. This synergy will promote economic growth and competitiveness.

The way forward for Da Nang’s tech aspirations

With the establishment of the IC and AI research and training center, Da Nang solidifies its commitment to technological advancement and talent development. This move aligns with the broader national agenda of fostering innovation and propelling Vietnam to the forefront of the semiconductor industry. As the center begins its operations under the aegis of the Department of Information and Communications, the city looks forward to a future marked by technological excellence and sustainable economic growth.

The creation of the IC and AI research and training center in Da Nang marks a significant step towards harnessing the potential of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry. With a strategic focus on research, training, technology transfer, and resource mobilization, this center is poised to play a pivotal role in addressing the nation’s need for high-quality engineers and advancing the realms of microelectronics, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence. As the center takes shape, it represents not only a regional milestone but also a testament to Vietnam’s commitment to technological innovation and sustainable development.

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