Cypherpunk witches turn to crypto as an alternative to mainstream platforms


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Proponents of modern-day witchcraft known as cypherpunk witches have turned to cryptocurrency as an alternative to mainstream platforms in expressing their rights. Founder of the Future Witch Facebook Group, Claire Gallant said she sees many similarities between cyberpunk values and witchcraft.

Gallant is a strong advocate of cypherpunk witches and a strong supporter of the Ethereum crypto who is involved in a fundraising program for the crypto research startup, Open Privacy. The Open Privacy founder Sarah Lewis often refers to herself as one of the cypherpunk witches.

The cypherpunk witches are of the view that cryptocurrency can enhance the power and influence of witches and equally enable them to engage in transactions that are void of restrictions as found in mainstream commerce platforms.

They believe technology has a bit of magic in it, and are among the crypto enthusiasts that have embedded spirituality in their tech projects.

Cypherpunk witches propaganda against censorship

Cryptocurrency has become a haven for witches to transact business beyond the reach of restrictive e-commerce markets who have placed a ban on them.

Taboo-related and occultic religious activities are subjected to financial censorship. Square reportedly banned the cypherpunk witches for the sales of occultic items. As a result of the ban placed on their trade by eBay and Etsy, they sometimes share spells, recipes, books, and witchcraft-related items on Instagram.

Cryptos for witches’ privacy

The cypherpunk witches are at the forefront of creating an enabling platform for other witches and occultic to use Bitcoin and Altcoin in overcoming discriminations against their practice.

Open privacy founder, Sarah Lewis often said she sees herself as a witch rather than an activist or a researcher. The majority of techy witches see the cryptocurrency as a vital tool to secure their future rights to expression, commerce, and religion.

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