The Current State of StarCraft 2: A Closer Look at Its Esports Scene


  • StarCraft 2’s esports scene survives sans developer support, with regular tournaments and active player base, but faces a potential decline.
  • Recent viewing figures show a slight dip, but historical data suggests fluctuation rather than a consistent downward trend for StarCraft 2.
  • The game’s future rests on its community as it grapples with reduced developer attention, presenting challenges but not signaling imminent demise.

In the realm of esports, few titles boast a legacy as enduring as StarCraft 2. Despite the absence of new content and waning developer support, the game continues to thrive within its competitive community. The question on many minds, however, is whether StarCraft 2 is on the brink of extinction or if its competitive spirit can sustain it.

Esports tournaments: A barometer of health

For those questioning the vitality of StarCraft 2, a crucial factor lies in the vibrancy of its esports tournaments. While Blizzard has shifted focus away from active support, the competitive calendar remains populated with regular events. Notably, in 2024, the game is set to return to IEM Katowice, a prestigious tournament organized by ESL, featuring a four-day spectacle and an enticing $500,000 prize pool. The fact that ESL, a major tournament organizer, continues to invest in StarCraft 2 suggests there is still a viable audience.

However, it’s essential to dissect the tournament’s landscape further. Although the prize pools may not rival giants like Dota 2, StarCraft 2 still commands respectable figures, attracting top-tier players and maintaining a competitive edge. Yet, an observable trend reveals a decline in the total number of events across various competition tiers since the game’s zenith. This dip could be a sign that, without active development, StarCraft 2 might be entering a phase of stagnation in its esports growth.

Viewing numbers: A mixed bag of signals

Viewership serves as a key metric to gauge the popularity of any esports title, and StarCraft 2 is no exception. While it may not have consistently matched the viewership figures of some of its counterparts, the game has historically drawn in a decent audience for major tournaments. The recent ESL SC2 Master 2023 Winter tournament, for instance, peaked at 35,618 viewers, with an average viewership of 19,198.

A glance further back at the 2020 and 2019 IEM events presents a more nuanced picture. In 2020, peak viewership reached 71,794, with an average of 31,489, while 2019 boasted figures of 80,763 at the peak and 40,622 on average. Although the most recent numbers may indicate a slight decline, the overall trajectory of viewership for StarCraft 2 is not a straightforward downward trend. The game’s community-driven hype still manages to keep viewing figures within a respectable range.

The road ahead: Can Starcraft 2 regain popularity?

The future of StarCraft 2 appears to rest squarely on the shoulders of its passionate community. The absence of developer support means that the game’s competitive relevance is entirely in the hands of its current fan base. While the game faces challenges, it’s premature to declare it dead. The resilience of its competitive scene and the ongoing commitment of its player base may well keep StarCraft 2 in the esports spotlight for the foreseeable future.

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