Cryptosphere cannot replace Bitcoin regardless of Satoshi Nakamoto identity

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The idea of having an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto as the originator of Bitcoin, provoked superfluous tumult multiple times in the crypto industry. A few market experts are even ready to hunt for Nakamoto for the industry. While others dismiss this search declaring themselves as Satoshis.

According to Ran NeuNer, the recognition of Satoshi was not important as the world is unaware of the creators and propellers of USD, Euro and British pounds and no one is concerned about them as their work speaks itself. Like other Major currencies, Bitcoin has lost its need to know about its founder after its success in multiple fields.


According to crypto gurus Bitcoin is gradually moving closer to emerge as digital gold instead of dying. As gold was believed to have a store of value, Bitcoin’s reduced instability might soon match to that of Gold. If it does, both Gold and Bitcoin will secure the same honour in terms of being a store of value.

In its initial days, Bitcoin faced a lot of interferences from world-wide regulators but currently, even the regulators’ snoop on Bitcoin transfers for their cut in taxes. For example, the state of Malta is taxing Bitcoin transactions. Other states in the USA are gradually dispensed operation licenses to Bitcoin-based firms; Japan identifies Bitcoin as a method of payment, etc.

According to a research carried out by DataLight, Bitcoin has been strongly competing with Master Card, Visa, and other payments in spite of only ten years of existence. It further revealed that payment volume for Bitcoin is approaching to that of Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The system of payment of Bitcoin is better than orthodox international payments and electronic transfers of money.

Since Bitcoin’s performance is self-projecting, Satoshi can be mysterious; he founded a vital and practical network by constructing a safe haven and an accurately decentralized platform.

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