Cryptopolitan gathers over 100k readers; now on major crypto news aggregators, an emerging reliable crypto new producer is paving its mark on the readers with increasing audience and better positions. The latest milestone on its journey to becoming a major news source is the listing position on the second largest news aggregation website

Cryptopolitan’s audience has increased to over one hundred thousand readers a day putting it among the major and reliable news sources of the crypto-sphere.

Cryptopolitan offers the latest crypto news, insider info, insights and more on the platform. The platform built with an approach to be authentic and reliable covers news with a focus on a genuine need for news rather than sensationalism. This approach is carried throughout the platform especially when covering scam and research related news.

The platform covers major Bitcoin, Altcoin, ICO, and relevant industry news as it happens without any fabrication and/or slants to the news. The platform is now standing in a better position than the past after the inclusion in and the

The Editor of Cryptopolitan; a seasoned journalist expressed,  “we believe in producing news that would not only provide information for the reader but would also help them to better understand the crypto-sphere and the subject matter of the news leading to a more aware and well-informed decision making”.

Cryptopolitan gathers over 100k readers; now on major crypto news aggregators


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