CryptoMove launches Chrome extension enable direct access to MTD technology

Cryptocurrency key vault platform CryptoMove launches Chrome extension to protect data on websites. The plugin protects information across websites by dynamic fragmentation. CryptoMove encrypts data by splitting it up and mutating it across the cloud network until it is needed again.

CryptoMove is a cloud-native secure key vault and secret management software. The software as a service (SaaS) platform provides a moving target defense for microservices. Now the platform has announced the launch of its Google Chrome browser extension to assist companies in protecting their data and other information online.

The extension allows clients to secure any sensitive information into a secret that is encrypted by their moving target defense (MTD) technology. MTD spreads out the sensitive information across the cloud network until it is required.

CryptoMove is an early-stage company with a focus on providing security through MTD. MTD is a revolution to data security as it constantly encrypts and moves data across its cloud network. This makes it incredibly hard for attackers to predict or steal them.

CryptoMove Key Vault and MTD technology, in general, have been gaining momentum in 2019 as people are becoming more privacy-focused. The new chrome extension would assist them in increasing the accessibility of this service.

The extension is directly connected to CryptoMove Key Vault and hence enables the user to add or delete secrets through an intuitive user interface. The extension is free and available for download through the Google Chrome Web Store.

MTD has been gaining momentum due to its versatile use cases, including safeguarding military mission secrets. CryptoMove was recognized by the US Air Force (USAF) program AFWERX that is designed to assist in the adoption of innovative technologies that can improve USAF’s capabilities. Moreover, CryptoMove has worked with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as Silicon Valley Innovation Program.