Cryptocurrency payments firm NatCents reveals crypto credit card

Cryptocurrency payments firm NatCents to reveal crypto credit card

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An emerging cryptocurrency payments technology provider NetCents Technology Inc, based in Canada, has successfully completed the integration of a NatCents crypto credit card, the company announced it on 20th March 2020.

NetCents Technology Inc is an innovation hub for all cryptocurrency payments technology solutions. It enables futuristic businesses with a technology that seamlessly facilitates cryptocurrency payments without any external modification of their existing payment model and getting involved in crypto market volatility.

NatCents takes cryptocurrency payments to the next level with crypto credit cards

With a user base of over forty million, the firm is now ready to launch a next-gen crypto credit card that has been successfully tested and implemented in real-world scenarios. What’s unique is that there is no pre-condition of topping up the card balance before usage. The card will be directly linked to the users’ wallets, enabling direct transfer of cryptocurrency payments in real-time. 

The firm’s already-established instant settlement technology will equip merchants with an ability to convert cryptocurrency payments into fiat money instantly, thereby boosting cryptocurrency adoption in the mainstream.

In the meantime, the integration process of the newly-launched crypto credit card into NetCents’ current ecosystem will be conducted keeping in mind a variety of situations to ensure that it does not falter in any given circumstance.

The crypto credit card, which will be issued using the Visa network, will initially support the facilitation of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin payments. 

And while NatCents’ innovative new credit card manages to position itself in the market uniquely, it does have emerging and fierce competition in the market. Last year, the Germany-based blockchain banking service provider Bitwala launched a crypto banking app with a corresponding payment card.

Moreover, a UK-based digital banking company called Ziglu announced its plan to roll out a payment technology that equips users with an ability to own digital currencies as well as fiat money and an option to choose what to spend and when.

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