Cryptocurrencies getting to an e-commerce platform for the consumers

ecommerce comes to crypto currencies

To help consumers in acquiring good discounts and to purchase commodities on wholesale prices, is planning to provide a reorganized e-commerce stage. With this new platform, consumers will get a decent discount after the combination of buying power and micro-distribution.

It would make it easy for the consumers and shoppers to buy directly from manufacturers without any agent or intermediary channels. The process will also allow speedy and efficient delivery of goods. The cross-border transactions can be effectively performed by this e-commerce platform, as the online shoppers will easily find their required items directly from manufacturers.

As there will be no intermediary, the prices will be low in the absence of agent charges. Thus, end users can buy their required goods at low rates.

To provide all of the above benefits to the consumers, the company is focusing on four major features of this project.

  • MicroDistribution: provides decentralized linkages and distribution records
  • Purchasing power: helps consumers to take advantage of bulk pricing
  • Storefront creation: helps in establishing the network, which eases the buying process.
  • Fragmentation: allows combined back-office operations for retailers to get benefits from cross-border retailers

By focusing on the above-stated elements, is planning to provide a secure platform for its users. The transaction processing will be secured from all the fraudulent activities as the provides digital ledger for execution of the transactions.

Consumers can buy goods by using the company`s network with the special token named BUY. Users can earn this token by promoting the service of on other forums, and they can use the earned token for execution of their transactions.

However, the company has sold some token in ICO on October 1, 2018. It is planning to the proper launch in the last months of 2018.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

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