Crypto venture capital soars as profits make 50% and more

Crypto venture capital soars as profits make 50% and more


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  • Bitcoin’s price is over $50,000, pushing the crypto community towards the booming DeFi sector.
  • DeFi platforms like Uniswap are eliminating middlemen, allowing for direct crypto exchanges.
  • Uniswap’s governance proposal significantly increased UNI token values by rewarding holders.
  • A Glassnode report showed a shift in liquidity to long-tail tokens, indicating increased investor confidence in DeFi.

The DeFi sector seems to have emerged from the shadows, bringing an end to the dreaded crypto winter. With Bitcoin’s value comfortably stationed well above the $50,000 mark, a new chapter begins, fueled by DeFi’s significant upsurge.

At the core of this revival are platforms like Uniswap, revolutionizing how we interact with crypto by eliminating middlemen from lending, borrowing, and exchange processes. These platforms have introduced innovative proposals that promise to redefine the financial landscape.

Maven11 Capital stands out in this soaring market, showcasing the vast potential for significant gains within the crypto venture space. By strategically investing in DeFi tokens, they’ve not only demonstrated acumen but also bagged a whopping 54% return, translating to a cool $1.43 million. The journey to this fortune began with a simple yet astute purchase of 100,000 UNI tokens, which were later sold for a staggering 95% gain. Investments in tokens like MKR, AAVE, and FXS have also yielded impressive returns, further cementing DeFi’s position as a goldmine for savvy investors.

The DeFi rally owes much of its momentum to Uniswap’s groundbreaking governance proposal, an initiative aimed at rewarding token holders by distributing protocol fees. Spearheaded by Eric Koen, this proposal not only led to a 70% increase in UNI tokens but also revitalized the network’s governance structure. This surge isn’t limited to Uniswap alone; COTI and SushiSwap have also seen significant gains, highlighting the widespread optimism in the DeFi space.

This optimism is further highlighted by a recent Glassnode report, which sheds light on the shifting liquidity trends in the crypto market. Unlike bear markets, where liquidity tends to concentrate around the top 50 tokens, the current landscape is experiencing a diversification, with long-tail tokens gaining traction among investors.

On the global stage, Japan has made headlines by approving a bill that could significantly alter the investment landscape, especially for Web3 startups. This legislative move allows venture capital firms and investment funds to acquire and hold crypto assets, marking a pivotal moment in Japan’s crypto policy formation. Scheduled for debate in the current session of the Japanese parliament, this bill could pave the way for venture capital firms to invest in Web3 startups, thereby bolstering Japan’s economy and establishing it as a hub for crypto innovation.

By relaxing rules for venture capital firms investing in crypto startups, Japan not only aims to enhance its industrial competitiveness but also to provide intensive support to startups and medium-sized companies that form the backbone of its economy.

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