Crypto value declining with an acute increase in ATM

Despite facing a harsh decline in value since the fourth quarter of 2018, the quantity of crypto ATM’s has been gradually increasing. In November it was reported that almost two hundred and nine ATM’s were introduced globally during the span of one month alone. Recent reports suggest that about sixty-eight kiosks were also removed. This means good news for the cryptocurrency and that investors are still looking to invest in crypto during 2019.

Kiosks may not provide the same amount of storage as the institutional investments do, but they do come with their advantages. They give news and current data on where crypto space is headed. Is it rising or declining? It should be known however that both the kiosks and the institutional investments are not supported by ETF or major social media platforms like Facebook etc.

With the recent decline in the value of crypto, many members of the crypto community have started to reconsider whether crypto was worth all the attention it got. While doubt is piling up on the worth of the technology its adoption and future success is at risk, but some optimists are still hopeful about the situation and believe that it is just a phase and does not in any way question the worth of the technology.

In the US there are about two thousand two hundred and forty-three crypto ATM’s as of now, and many are being installed and used globally. This activity only signifies that people are still interested in crypto and know its true potential despite the decline in prices. This increase in interest is due to the efforts of crypto exchange called Coinbase. Coinbase is the most important crypto exchange in the US and has over thirteen million users.