Crypto traders slam SEC for manipulation after ETF tweet


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  • Traders in the crypto market have slammed the SEC over BTC manipulation after its recent ETF tweet.
  • The aftermath of the incident and questions raised.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found itself in a state of disarray when a false tweet from its official Twitter account falsely announced the approval of a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This misleading information triggered a swift surge and subsequent drop in Bitcoin’s price as traders responded to what appeared to be an unexpected victory for BTC ETF approval.

SEC under fire over its recent ETF tweet

The SEC, known for its historical rejections of Bitcoin ETF applications due to concerns about market manipulation risks, faced an ironic twist. The misleading tweet, accompanied by a $BTC cashtag, led traders to believe that the agency had given the green light to all pending BTC ETF applications ahead of schedule. However, Chair Gary Gensler promptly clarified from his account that no approval had been granted, prompting a sell-off in Bitcoin markets. This incident raised questions about the agency’s vulnerability to disinformation and led to calls for an investigation by lawmakers sympathetic to the cryptocurrency industry.

Senator Cynthia Lummis expressed concern about fraudulent announcements manipulating markets and emphasized the need for transparency regarding the agency’s compromised social media account. The SEC’s statements in the past contributed to the confusion. In mid-October, the regulator cautioned against believing information on the internet, stating that the best source of information about the SEC is the SEC itself. This advice seemed ironic when the agency’s official account became a source of misinformation.

The regulator’s mixed messaging and vulnerability to hacking added fuel to the frustration of Bitcoin enthusiasts eagerly awaiting approval for a spot BTC ETF. Critics pointed out the irony that even the SEC could not be fully trusted for accurate information about its actions. The regulator had previously advised that decisions would be posted on its internal EDGAR database, yet the public and informed observers disregarded this guidance during the recent incident.

The aftermath of the incident and questions raised

The hacked account not only created confusion but also raised uncomfortable questions about the SEC’s commitment to protecting its platforms as a means to safeguard investors. The lack of clarity on how the SEC’s X account was compromised added to the uncertainty surrounding the incident. In response to the debacle, Representative Bill Huizenga questioned whether the agency’s compromised account could be blamed for the regulator’s perceived shortcomings in rulemaking and enforcement.

The situation, beyond its ironic nature, underscored concerns about the SEC’s cybersecurity measures and its ability to fulfill its mandate of protecting investors in the digital asset space. Hours into the episode, the SEC announced its intention to collaborate with law enforcement and government partners to investigate the unauthorized access to its social media account. This incident served as a stark reminder of the challenges regulators face in maintaining the integrity of their communications channels in the fast-paced and sometimes turbulent world of cryptocurrency markets.

The false tweet from the agency’s official account regarding the approval of a Bitcoin ETF highlighted the susceptibility of regulatory bodies to disinformation and cyber threats. The incident not only led to market turmoil but also raised important questions about the agency’s communication protocols and cybersecurity measures. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, regulatory agencies must adapt to the dynamic nature of digital assets to ensure investor protection and market integrity.

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