South East Asia leads the way for crypto tourism

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The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry never ceases to astonish their users. A visionary concept called “crypto tourism” is in vogue this season and is luring the who’s who of the crypto space around the world to ride high on the wave of interest around cryptocurrencies and maximize the returns.

Despite growing concerns on crypto’s high dynamicity, one sees an equal amount of rising in the next-gen millionaires who are constantly looking for ways to increase their returns on crypto investments.

Crypto industry making the most out of tourism growth

The tourism industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economies of the world, with generated revenue as large as eight trillion dollars ($8 trillion) in the last year. South East Asia alone, hosts approximately one hundred and thirty million visitors every year.

Considering the mammoth size of the industry and leveraging this trend to advance the crypto adoption, crypto tourism shapes a new and innovative take on travel. However, its growth will be far from a cake walk.

With crypto tourists exploring uncharted destinations of the world, the need for a secure, credible and transparent exchange platform could not get higher. To add to that, crypto exchanges are not easily available.

Nonetheless, crypto service providers are starting to step up to address this vulnerability. Crypto-friendly places like Singapore, Thailand or Philippines are witnessing a number budding crypto exchange start-ups making their way into the crypto space and offering their visitors a way to access their digital funds from anywhere and at any time.

South East Asia steps up its game for the next crypto boom

To put things in perspective, a detailed look at each country’s offerings can be of huge help to those who are planning a “crypto trip” in the near future.

If you are planning a trip to the world’s largest archipelago nation – Philippines, then coins.ph is the exchange to look out for. It facilitates easy crypto remittances, withdrawals, buying and selling of Bitcoins. With no need of a bank account, users can take full advantage for making crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto transactions. However, the Bitcoin pricing is fixed by the exchange itself.

The popular Buddhist country of South East Asia – Thailand, offers Everex platform that enables all kinds of transactions crypto and fiat transactions. One can also trade with EVX tokens – a cryptocurrency token based on Ethereum platform. Nevertheless, before planning a trip, don’t forget to check your eligibility as the exchange is not open to all nationalities.

Singapore, often considered as a good place to start a cryptocurrency business owing to its favorable blockchain reforms, presents its users with a well-established company called Coinhako. Widely used for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, this is an extremely user-friendly exchange containing beginner level instructions to how to trade, sell and buy e-money. The downside, one needs to open a bank account in the country to access the exchange.

With powerful crypto regulations with a close watch from securities watchdog, Malaysia is regarded as a safe haven for avid crypto traders. Luno, a Malaysian-based crypto exchange platform, aims to make crypto trading extremely easy and fun. With increased flexibility and an easy-to-use mobile app on its side, the exchange has emerged as a favorite amongst the budding crypto enthusiasts.

As one can see, the opportunities for crypto tourism are endless. As blockchain and cryptocurrency space continue to grow and thrive, the sky is the limit for crypto tourism.

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