40% of crypto investors in the UK are females, Survey

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TR;DR Breakdown

  • 41.6% of women interested in cryptocurrency according to a Gemini report.
  • 2000 UK residents participated in the survey.

A recent survey carried out by top crypto exchange Gemini shows that there are many female crypto investors in the U.K presently. Friday’s publication of Gemini’s trend report disclosed that 13.9 percent took part in the survey. This percentage includes both previous and current crypto investors.

According to the survey report, 41.6 percent of the participants who understood cryptocurrency were females, and nine percent were planning to invest. Of which 40 percent of those planning to invest were females. This is a significant change from the previous survey carried out by the exchange, which suggested that the female population of crypto investors in the U.K occupied up to 20 to 22 percent. 

Crypto investors show a keen interest in the UK

Presently, there is a significant increase of 152 percent in the percentage of current or previous crypto investors – 13.9 percent, when compared to 2019’s survey carried out by U.K’s Financial regulator (Financial Conduct Authority). Even as men tend to hold more cryptocurrencies over £10000, which accounts for 65.8 percent of crypto investments over £10000 in the UK, women also hold up cryptocurrencies, holding up about 53.6 percent below £5000. 

These statistics show that a lot of people in the U.K are interested in cryptocurrencies. According to the head of Gemini in the U.K, Blair Halliday, he said that the recent survey reveals the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, adding that the crypto market is likely to evolve in the country. 

As per the report, 2000 U.K residents participated, with many crypto investors coming from London, followed by the West Midlands region occupying 21.9 percent and 14.6 percent respectively. However, many people who showed a significant interest in cryptocurrency fell between ages 35-44. Over half of the people who had no interest in cryptocurrency were above 55 years of age. 

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