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  • US legislatures aim to impose massive tax on crypto actos
  • Cryptoers says legislature move aims to kill crypto

Stakeholders and other crypto industry members are currently revolting moves by the US legislature to subject cryptocurrency investors to massive tax obligations.

According to members of the crypto community, the crypto tax amendment would have severe backlash on the emerging crypto space.

In a petition by a group, FightFortheFuture, they are fronting a call to the senate to save crypto describing their action as a red alert.

The petition noted that the provision being debated by the US Senators is so poorly written that it could crush the cryptocurrency ecosystem and dramatically expand US government surveillance.

The bill, which the crypto industry is very skeptical about, draws more concern for the community after it appears the Biden government has backed a tax amendment that targeted decentralized finance (DeFi) and proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol.

The bills sponsored by Senators Rob Portman and Mark Warner aim to broaden the breadth of taxation on crypto transactions and introduce new reporting requirements for entities classified as “brokers.”

Two networks are exempted from the regulations Bitcoin and Ethereum because of their Proof-Of-Work feature.

Crypto industry players revolt

Beyond the move by the FightFortheFuture group, other active players in the crypto space are making deliberate moves to ensure the tax legislation against crypto does not come to fruition.

Zak Cole, the CTO of decentralized trading platform Slingshot, designed a template for residents o text senators and oppose the crypto tax.

Bankman-Fried, in his own excuse, said that If the new bill passes, entities will have no other choice but to either shut down or leave the US because “they couldn’t choose to comply even if they wanted to” and “the impact would just be to force crypto infrastructure and innovation offshore.

He noted that Senators Ron Wyden, Pat Toomey, and Cynthia Lummis, who offered alternative crypto tax proposal has been sidelined.

The approach would exempt crypto miners and developers from being considered “brokers.” Unfortunately for many in the crypto industry, this exemption has not been included.

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