Crypto hacks and rug pulls increase rapidly in Q1 2024


  • Blockchain security firm Immunefi has released a report looking into the losses caused by crypto hacks in Q1 2024.
  • Strategies for strengthening cybersecurity.

In 2024, the cryptocurrency market has seen a significant increase in losses due to hacks and rug pulls, amounting to over $200 million across 32 incidents, according to a recent report by blockchain security firm Immunefi. This represents a notable uptick of 15.4% compared to the same period in 2023 when losses totaled $173 million.

Immunefi discusses the rise in crypto hacks in Q1 2024

February marked a notable downturn in crypto theft, with over $67 million lost across 12 specific incidents, representing a nearly 50% decrease from January’s total of $133 million. The largest single loss this year occurred during a cyberattack on PlayDapp, a crypto gaming platform, resulting in the theft of $32.3 million.

Following closely was the decentralized crypto exchange FixedFloat, which suffered a theft of $26.1 million. Interestingly, February saw DeFi platforms as the primary target for exploits, while centralized finance protocols remained unscathed. Hacks dominated February’s incidents, accounting for over $65 million (97.54%) of stolen funds across 10 cases, while fraud contributed $1.65 million (2.46%).

Ethereum emerged as the prime target for hackers, experiencing 12 attacks, which constituted over 85% of total losses for the year. The Bitcoin network and Binance’s BNB Chain each suffered one incident. The cryptocurrency industry’s vulnerability to hacks and exploits has become increasingly apparent, especially within DeFi applications.

In 2023, a staggering $1.8 billion was lost to crypto hacks and scams, with 17% attributed to the North Korean Lazarus Group. Among the notable incidents, the peer-to-peer trading platform Mixin Network incurred the largest attack, resulting in over $200 million in losses, followed by the $197 million hack on the Euler Finance lending platform and the $126 million hack on the cross-chain bridge protocol Multichain.

Strategies for strengthening cybersecurity

These recurring breaches underscore the critical need for robust security measures within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the industry evolves, stakeholders must prioritize proactive measures to safeguard digital assets against malicious actors. Enhancing regulatory oversight and promoting best practices in cybersecurity is imperative to foster trust and stability in the burgeoning crypto landscape.

Despite the challenges posed by security breaches, the resilience of the cryptocurrency market remains evident. As adoption continues to expand and new technologies emerge, the community must remain adaptable and proactive in addressing evolving risks. Collaboration between industry players, regulatory bodies, and cybersecurity experts is essential to develop effective strategies for combating emerging threats.

DeFi platforms, while offering innovative financial services, also expose themselves to heightened risks due to their decentralized nature. Consequently, developers and users must prioritize security protocols and conduct thorough audits to mitigate vulnerabilities. Additionally, efforts to enhance collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders can further bolster the industry’s resilience against malicious activities.

The prevalence of hacks and exploits highlights the urgent need for comprehensive security measures within the cryptocurrency industry. While incidents may pose short-term setbacks, proactive efforts to enhance cybersecurity and regulatory frameworks are crucial for long-term sustainability and trust. By fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and resilience, stakeholders can collectively strengthen the foundation of the crypto ecosystem and mitigate the impact of malicious activities.

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