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Crypto Exchanges All Set to Publish their Ads on Google once again

google policies for crypto

Google broke the good news for cryptocurrency dealers and businesses on 25th September. Google is all set to renew its rules and regulation regarding crypto advertisements. Businesses will be able to post their crypto ads on its forum from October. The officials of Google have announced that this permission is granted to the United States and Japanese viewers. Only registered exchanges will be able to post their crypto ads on its platform. The exchanges must get their certificates so that their ads could be shown to specific audiences. Without certification, they will not be able to target audience through their ads as Google will not allow them to post their ads.

Previously Google banned crypto exchanges from ad posting on its forum. It was announced in March. Many people considered this decision unfair and disturbing. However, Google main motive behind this decision was to save customers from fraud and swindle. Crypto advertisements were also banned on Facebook and Twitter because of the same reason. After some time Facebook lifted the ban from certified exchanges on posting their ads. However, it did not permit Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Google takes the same step. It also did not reverse ban from ICO, cryptocurrency transaction guidance, and wallet.

An official from Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales in an interview with Cointelegraph stated that cryptocurrencies and blockchain could be ban. One can regulate them but should not ban them. Furthermore, Co-founder of Google also talked about in favor of cryptocurrency. He called himself an Ethereum miner in Morocco.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

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