COVID-19 Bitcoin Scam is reaching beyond UK

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COVID-19 Bitcoin scam surfaced in the United Kingdom not a few days ago, and now it appears that scammers posing to have the COVID-19 vaccine are also demanding Bitcoin payments.

Although researchers are working day and night to find a cure and origin of this pandemic, no for Covid-19 exists as of now. It is perhaps not that surprising seeing scammers capitalize on this pandemic, but everyone should avoid any so-called cure for Coronavirus offered online. Even media personalities who promoted their ways of fighting the pandemic have been told to stop their preaching since there isn’t any scientific explanation behind them.

COVID-19 Bitcoin scam and reliable projects

Many blockchains are under development right now that are being built to fight Covid-19 and the COVID-19 Bitcoin scam. An example of such projects is Stanford University’s folding@home project that requires help from crypto miners and Bitcoin. Many people have voluntarily given away heir computer’s cycles to aid this project for protein research.

These blockchain-based projects proposed to fight Covid-19 haven given rise to many initiatives. An example of such initiatives is the Covidathon, a 2-month hackathon endorsed by Ocean protocol and SingularityNET. Many blockchain-based apps are also underway to create interactive maps of infected zones that would provide static and unchangeable data.

However, what is most important to notice here is that as this pandemic grows, it is crucial to be able to realize and separate honest projects from those that seek to capitalize on this pandemic.

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